Furla Darlene

  1. I got a black one on hold at Bloomies in Chicago on Michigan Av. It's going to be 91 Dollars (or. 240, then 167 and now another 50%off) - but I've never had a Furla before. Can anyone share experiences? It seems to be a good price to me...? How do I treat the leather (it looks really shiny)?

    Thanks so much..

    Oh, and they have one more left (also black) in case someone is interested... :yes:
  2. What an awesome deal! I love Furla! Too bad I'm on a ban.

    I have a Furla Yolande and I never treated it. The leather is very strong and sturdy so I don't think you need to treat it IMO.
  3. that sounds good :yahoo:
  4. I've said it before, anytime someone starts a Furla post: They are fabulous bags at great prices. I don't own one, but I plan to! Check out the Furla outlets too, at Woodbury Common.
  5. i got it :love: