Furla bags?

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  1. I recently saw a gorgeous Furla bag at Costco. I was wondering if this is a designer brand and are they expensive? This was a hobo bag I saw for 250.00. TIA!
  2. I would consider it a designer bag.
  3. I saw a super cute Furla bag yesterday at TJ Maxx for $89. It was a light blue shallow tote that would look absolutely perfect with cute little dresses. I talked myself out of it though. I consider Furla designer.
  4. They are a fabulous Italian designer brand. Their bags are gorgeous and great quality. Plus, for what they are, they're really not that expensive in comparison to other brands.
  5. Yes, Furla is a designer bag. However, their retail prices can sometimes be a lot more reasonable than other high-end bags.

    Not sure how Costco pulls these deals off. Does anyone know about authenticity of the stuff they carry? TIA!
  6. I have a Furla Farrah that I bought from Costco a couple of years ago and it is quite authentic. It is huge and I use it as a briefcase and it has worn like iron.

    I have three Furlas and am waiting on #4. Wish Costco carried them more routinely.
  7. Thanks everyone! I would think Costco carries authentic. Mind you the selection is very minimal. My Costco currently has Furla, Prada, Fendi, Coach, Cole Haan. I think I will head out tonight and pick it up if it is still there.
  8. Furla is a desinger bag, sometimes you can get them for a good price. Their leather is gorgeous though!
  9. Good to know! (about costco) Although I don't have an active membership, I can scour the website and see what they have and maybe I can convince a friend to take me to Costco!
  10. Just so you know, what Costco has on line and what they have in store are two different animals. Ihat you see on line will rarely ever be in a particular retail location. As an example, back before Christmas they had three or four Helen Welsh bag and wallet sets in my local Costco that never showed up on line. And I never saw any of the online Furlas in my store.
  11. I would consider Furla a mid-end bag. Their leathers are very nice, and the designs are great! Love them since I was a teen.
  12. I think Furla is mid-price range designer. They've got more stores in Asia though...
  13. Also, check out your local Bj's Wholesale club, they often sell designer bags Furla, cole haan, b makowsky, lucky brand, etc.
  14. I didn't think furla was midrange...one of my favorite bags is a furla. I like furla bags because most of the ones I have seen aren't all branded with logos, etc. I also like the leather that they use and the colors.
  15. furla do has some very nice designs...