Furla Bag


Dec 20, 2005
Hi Guys, Do you know where I can find Furla's bag on line? I went to Furla.com (I think it's their official site) but it only displays products with no price information. I got so annoy with that!:wacko:. Why don't they put prices on those products so we can see it? Grrr..
Thanks for your help guys.
Ok. Thanks. I knew NM has Furla but they have limited selection. That Furla.com though has all the selection of Furla but no price! How do you think we have to do to find out these prices? Call them? Forget it. They should have posted the prices, I think. I mean I like some of their simple clean style bags and I am interested to buy from them. I haven't checked the other site but I will. Thanks again guys!
If it's an older style, you might be able to find it at their outlet in Woodbury Common's New York. I was able to call over the phone, give the style name and they shipped it to me. Also I am always finding their bags at Nordstrom Rack, but I rarely see them on line.