Furla Bag....Yay or Nay

  1. It's pretty, but I like other Furla's better. I have never been a fan of embossed leather.
  2. I like it! Yay!
  3. yay, but.....have you checked this bag in the other colours??I found a kind of tan that wasn't really bad!
  4. Yeah, there's a smaller version of it that comes in honey (tan) and onyx (black). But I really want a white bag for summer. I already have a Whiskey Paddy on the way, so I wouldn't buy the tan.
  5. Nay. Looks like something an older woman would carry.
  6. Yeah, the more basic the bag is, the more old-lady-like it looks. But right now, I try to buy bags that will last a couple of years (at least)
  7. I like it alot! I don't think that you'll regret buying it in a few years either!
  8. I'm not a fan. It seems the flap is not proportionate to the rest of the bag.
  9. I like this bag. I was thinking of getting it awhile back. I saw it IRL at BLoomingdale's. I decided not to get it because I am petite, and I did not realize how large it was.
  10. I say nay, the shape does not compliment the leather.
  11. Yay !!!
  12. I think it's cute! Also, because it's embossed, it looks like it might wear well in terms of getting it dirty (since it's stark white).
  13. I agree, there are better Furlas than that one!
  14. yay :biggrin: I love the white!
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