Furla bag is defective- Need advice

  1. Hi All. I need some advice. I've had a FURLA bag for several years which I received as a gift. The bag has hardly been used. I have no idea what the style is called, but it is a medium shoulder bag. Basically there is a open loop at the top of the bag, and at the top of the loop their are two leather strands that tie into a bow.

    The leather on the strands has pretty much broken in half in numerous places, and all that is holding the strands together is the thread that is stiched down the center of them. (I wish I had a digi cam that I could actually post pics of this.)

    If you could see it, it is blatantly obvious that there was some sort of defect in the workmanship for this style. I also doubt that the strands are fixable. They need to be totally replaced.

    Does anyone know anything about the bag doctor ??? Anyone have advice on what I should do? If the bag was a more recent purchase, I would have no problem trying to take it back...but since it was a gift, I dont even have a receipt.
  2. I'd take it to your local cobbler or leather repair shop to see what they can do. I've also heard good things about Margaret's (www.margarets.com) purse repair- you can send them pics and they'll give you an estimate
  3. Try Furla first to see if they will repair it. Take it into a boutique or call. Never hurts to ask.
  4. I would take it into Furla or call up and ask, they might be able to repair it for you or recommend where you can take it.
  5. You say it's older?.. what kind of climate do you live in?

    It sounds as if the glue holding this piece together just got old??

    I need a piccc! lol
  6. I am in the mid-atlantic... I honestly don't know what happened.. I've never seen leather literaly disintegrate like this. I should try taking pics with my cell, but i'm not sure they will come out clearly...
  7. Take it to a Furla boutique, and if they can't take it for a repair ask them if they can recommend a bag doctor.
    I'm so sorry your bag is ruined... Usually Furla bags are very good quality...
  8. Update-- I called one of the FULA boutiques in NYC and I am goin to send it to them and they will get back to me! Thanks Lilly for giving me that suggestion. I'm in Baltimore and I didn't even realize that the botiques even existed!