Furious with USPS... the incompetence is amazing

  1. Sorry, ladies, I'm fuming.

    Ever since I moved into my apartment, I've had the worst time getting my mail. I (a) get other people's mail (b) rarely get my own.

    I live in garden apartments, and all our mailboxes are individual little boxes grouped together at the entryway. There are about 20 or so boxes and the mailwoman CANNOT put the correct person's mail in his/her box. I think it's also been VERY bad because it's the wintertime and the mailwoman doesn't want to be standing out in the cold... she just slams mail any-which-way into whatever box strikes her fancy. Our boxes are labeled not only on the outside, but one the INSIDE as well!

    I've complained as much as good taste allows... and today I got a nice little apology card with a sticker to put on my mailbox to notify the mailwoman to "double-check"... and I couldn't help but note the irony that this card was left on the floor, in the sludge.

    I actually do worry about strange acts of vengence from the mailwoman because I've complained at least twice now -- and I know my neighbors complain like crazy as well. Our favorite conversation when we meet each other in the halls is about why we never get our mail. Why this hasn't been taken care of is beyond me.

    This will be the third time I've had to ask a previous employer to send a check for a project I did. It's embarassing. I'm thinking of just forgetting about the money altogether because even if she sends it again I probably won't receive it.

    Sorry, thanks for letting me vent. I'm just at my wit's end and I don't know what to do anymore since complaining obviously hasn't helped. The manager of the post office is very, very sweet but she can't control everything.
  2. that's how it was for me when I was living in SF.

    then today, USPS couldn't find my package!! they attempted to deliver it on the 5th and left a note saying it was available for pick up after 9 a.m. on the 6th. Today is the 7th and she couldn't find it when I went to go pick it up!!! :cursing:
  3. Augh, I feel for you, I post a few weeks ago about this...I swear I have the worst mailman ever....but yours can share the title...so frustration!
  4. That's just awful!!! Yeah it's cold out there but it's their job to deliver mail, no matter how cold or hot it is!

    Can you set up a mailbox somewhere and forget about this all together? As for the check from your former employer perhaps they can send it to one of your friends?
  5. This is horrible!! Our mail person likes to put our mail in our neighbor's box at least 1-2 times a month; I definitely can understand your frustration.

    I am not sure if it is an option for you; but, have you considered a postal box? It may be the only way you can rest assured that your mail gets to you.

    They are not expensive, and the piece of mind could be worth the additional expense.
  6. i'm sorry that that has happened to you!

    when something like that similar happened to me i complained as well, got an apology over the phone

    but the next package to arrive was all dinged up :cursing:
  7. That person needs to be fired. I don't understand how someone could get that wrong, and so often!
  8. I could be here all day listing things of how USPS system is so screwed up. And all the package problems my fiance and I have both endured. But unfortunately all I can give you is "I know how you feel". I wish I could say oh I hope they change, but we all know that's not going to happen...LOL.
  9. is there a higher power that you could complain to? Call the head office...the boss of her boss! All i know is that is so not right! I would be pissed!
  10. USPS is so mean at times...my mom sent me a package one time and they said they sent me 5 notices to pick it up (never got a single one) so they finally sent it back to my mom totally banged up.

    THEN my other packages would be left outside on the doorstep without a signature (even though it was sent with signature confirmation)...ugh USPS

    When I tried to complain they hung up the phone on me after I asked to speak to a supervisor.
  11. I cannot stand our mailman.:mad: He puts our mail in our neighbors box all the time. I get Rolling Stone magazine in the mail and after about 5 or 6 months it just quit showing up. I called Rolling Stone and they said that our mailman had sent the last issue back as "undeliverable". I called and complained but nothing happened. I really think the people lucky enough to have a good mailperson are in the minority.
  12. My local PO is terrible too. I now have everything shipped to my husband's office. Our actual mail gets here okay, but they won't deliver any packages. They leave a slip if you're lucky and then the people at the PO appear to be aliens or something. I had a package disappear for two months once and then when I went to pick up a different package, they brought that one out. And then they were reeeeally confused when I said "yes, this is for me, but I know you have another one for me."
  13. My story with USPS.want to murder them right now. I recently moved and had boxes delivered via USPS. I received it today...

    I found the box to be lighter than I had orginally packed it. I look at the box, and realize that they had cut my address from the original box and taped it to a new box...

    I open my box..and it's filled someone else's item and a piece of paper that says "your package was damaged, sorry for the inconvenience" no number, NOTHING!!!!

    In that box, only two things were mine..and the rest were pictures of someone else, some notes, some books..

    I just lost $2,000 worth of my stuff.........and all they say is "file a claim"...

    I mean, who knows where all my items are now (did not have a name on them, or anything). I just don't understand how I have someone elses' items mixed with two of my stuff in that box that came to me?????????????????????? UGH..incompetent...
  14. I had issues too when living in apartments. Also, when we moved into our new house, our neighbors accross the street had the same number but different street and since we had mailboxes altogether at the corner, we would get out neighbors mail daily for months. It was a brand new community so it took awhile for USPS to assign a regular postal carrier. On a happier note, it helped us get to know our neighbors pretty well. At my office, I get packages left outside of our door all the time when mail was delivered on Saturday (rather than holding until Monday when the office reopens) so packages would sit outside all weekend in the hallway for anyone to just come by and steal! After that, I stopped delivering personal stuff to work when I knew it would be delivered by USPS.
  15. Wow, I'm sorry for your USPS hassles! I have heard all these horrors stories and am very thankful that I have a reliable and friendly mailwoman.

    It wasn't that way when I lived in campus housing though, they seemed to not be able to get the mail in the correct box, or sometimes they'd leave the whole mailbox panel unlocked for old bum to have access too. And there is no emergency number for the post office to call and tell them they left all this mail available to anyone and everyone!