Furious with Neg. Feedback! Advice Needed!

  1. Arrghh..I'm so angry about this. Sorry if this is long....Buyer received the Gryson handbag and claimed it was damaged with a broken strap and a broken ring on Oct. 31.

    I wrote back immediately and asked her to send pictures, and I would refund if that was the case. I would never knowingly sell damaged merchandise. In fact, this Gryson she purchased only has one strap..I think I would notice if it was broken. Anyways...On Nov. 1, buyer writes she did not receive any response. I write back again with the same request to send pictures. I receive nothing from her. I figure she is a scammer and trying to get a refund with a bogus claim of damage. I hear nothing until Nov. 7 when she leaves a negative feedback that says I did not respond to any emails. WHAT THE?

    I have proof of sent emails from my eBay messages. Am I being scammed? Did she really not receive my emails? Or is she trying to get a refund and keep the bag? I am a powerseller with really good feedback until now..I'm worried the neg. will affect my holiday sales. Any Advice?
  2. my guess is your messages went into her junk mail and she didn't even realize it . . . or she's a scammer.
  3. Since she claimed not receiving your messages, maybe you could request the other party's contact via eBay and give her a call. Hopefully you and her can get an agreement to settle this so to have a mutual feedbacks withdrawal. I know this sucks... You could also leave a follow up feedback to respond the feedback you just received.
  4. Well, if you're concerned about the neg, you can do a couple of things. The first thing that you can do is do mutually remove the feedback or you can file through Square Trade. I just did this a few weeks ago and it was great. It cost me $30 but since the other party didn't respond to Square Trade's inquiry, they automatically removed the negative for me. If your buyer never responded to you, I would bet she wouldn't bother responding to a Square Trade inquiry either.
  5. Don't let the negative bother you too much. You can always respond to the feedback an say "sent messages to you thru my ebay??"

    Buyers are not swayed by negative feedback as much as sellers sometimes think.
  6. ITA agree w/BellaFiore. Don't worry about the negative feedback. If I really want to purchase an eBay item, I go and look at the seller's negative feedback and if the seller has given a believable/understandable response to each one, I don't sweat it.

    Now if she does a chargeback or files a claim w/Paypal, THEN that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish and you'll need to fight back!!
  7. Even if a buyer has 100% fb I still check it for those ones that have been left on but not counted towards the total. I would still do that if you had 99 or even 95%. The comments (and nature of previous sales) are more important than the number.
  8. Don't stress... I am sure it will be ok! Some people just aren't honest. If you DO get a negative just post your response and explain it. Most people are understanding of a few negatives!
  9. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the advice and kind thoughts. I'm not going to let it get to me. I'm going to open up a square trade inquiry.

    She hasn't responded to my emails or mutual agreement to withdraw...I'm leaning more and more towards her being a scammer than anything.

    I really appreciate all the help!
  10. ITA
  11. I agree. When looking at neg feedback I can usually tell when one of the parties is not being honest. From what I see, you can't please everybody no matter what you put in your listing. I haven't rec'd any neg yet, but I'm sure it will happen someday.:sad:
  12. I recently received a retaliatory negative after having myself left one for a NPB!! For one week, she ignored my three attempts to collect for the handbag she won, and she only responded after I reported her to Ebay. During that week she had been on Ebay leaving feedback for her buyers, so I knew that she was well aware of the invoices. Her excuse for not paying was that her daughter bought the bag and she didn't know.....RIGHT!!!:tdown: I noticed that within days of winning my bag that she purchased another similiar bag from a different seller, so I concluded that she changed her mind about mine. In the negative feedback that I left her, I simply stated the facts w/o any insulting remarks. She retorted by stating that I was threatening and rude and further added that her winning the bag was an error!! *&!%*# The nerve of this woman to lie like this....she never had any communication with me..NONE!! BTW, this was the 3rd time in her history that she had pulled this trick of not paying for an item she had won only to make some excuse after the fact. I offered the bag to a second bidder who was wonderful in every way and I just sold a second bag this week. :tup: So...her lying words have not damaged my reputation, therefore I am going to make no attempts to remove them. I want to make certain that the negative mark I left her stays on her record. Don't fret over the negative she left you because your reputation will speak for itself.:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about it....make sure to leave a comment for it though!

    I received one negative through half.com of all things...because the idiot buyer bought the wrong textbook (bought the solution manual instead of the text) and then claimed I was wrong. Back then I don't think they had any means of removing feedback or even doing the mutually withdraw!
  14. I too just got my first neg. feedback after:
    1. Purchased an item on Sept. 9, paid right away
    2. After contacting the seller several times and item never rec'd, I filed a claim and dispute and won
    3. Didn't bother to leave her a feedback because I got my $ back so that was all that mattered
    4. After no contact for 2 months, she leaves me a neg. feedback saying "whatever":wtf:
    I'm upset because it ruined my 100% feedback and I'm also livid because she gave me a neg. when I was the wronged party!:cursing: After much hemming and hawing and reading all the wonderful posts from my thread and yours, I decided to not let it bother me because whoever sees my feedback will see that I have had a 100% feedback for the past 4 1/2 yrs. and this 1 neg. will stick out like a sore thumb and check to see that the neg. was unjustified. BTW, she had a feedback of 98% when I purchased from her 2 months ago and now her feedback is around 82%.......mmmmm, I wonder why?