Furious!!!! What should i do? PLease Help.

  1. Its going to be a long one people. sorry. Well i hope this is the place i can take out my frustration till 2pm since the place im furious about opens till then.

    Welll here goes Sept 19 i bought some medicine on eBay (not prescribed by a doctor they sell them in GNC) for my dad . He lives in HOnduras so i was taking it to him OCT 10th so i had some time since then to get them. Well I paid for them immediatly (SEPT 19) i called my dad and told him i bought them and everything . Well in the sellers eBay auction states they ship 2 days fed ex very reliable so i was at ease. Well I waited a week, and i didnt recieve an email with the tracking or anything so i did the best thing to contact them. I emailed them . 2 days went by and nothing so i decided to call so i called and the guy that picked up tells me " oh the guy with the internet sales isnt here but give me your name and number so he can contact you " so i did .

    A day went by and no call. So i decided to write them another email. Nothing again . So i called again the next day. The same guy picked up and his like " oh Yes i have your number but the guy from internet sales will be back till sunday morning . I was like ok this is important please tell him to contact me ASAP. He said yes . Ok. WEll Monday came this monday oct 1st i called again and the guy from internet sales was there i spoke to him and i asked him why didnt the send me my stuff . And he says oh because one of the flavors you asked you we didnt have in stock. I was like look i dont care send me two of the same flavors . I need this medicine by OCT 9th im leaving out of the country on the 10th and i need this by then . HE was like sure no problem you will get it by the 9th .

    WEll Yesterday i see and they leave me positive feedback. ANd i recieved finally the email with the tracking info ..... I checked it today and gues what !!!!! They shipped it yesterday and im getting the items on OCT 10TH!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sooooo mad because i told my dad i was taking it to him and now what nothing!!!! So i cant call these a$$ holes till 2pm.

    Please advice me what i should do???? Im so mad . I need this by the 9th !!! Im about to cry . ( i havent seen my dad in 2 yrs so i wanted to make everything special) im soo mad and sad!!!

    Sorry for the long rant. :crybaby:
  2. Wow. Sorry to hear that. Of course you should leave feedback and mention the shipping delay and everything else you can within the limited space. You were probably better off getting it from GNC then eBay. I hope you get it early in the morning so you can take them to your dad.
  3. ^^ I leave at 8am. AGH!!! and the fedex guy usually gets there after 3pm .
  4. i would leave a negative feedback i would be pissed too
    maybe you should tell them you want a refund because like you told them several times you needed it before oct 10. Explain the package will go back to them since you will not be there
  5. I would be angry too! Obviously they did not ship it fedex 2 day shipping or else it'd get there b4 the 10th. I would just get it @ GNC & demand a full refund including shipping & send the stuff back. If they're shady like that I wouldn't trust the product either.
  6. So sorry about this problem. I get rather annoyed too b/c I always pay for things immediately and it's absolutely one thing for a seller to notify you that there was a shipping delay, after all we all do have lives, but this is just unacceptable.

    I have a possible FedEx solution, but not sure it will work since your flight is so early, but I did this one time and it worked. I called them and asked for an earlier delivery b/c I wasn't going to be home and it was a $$$ package. They were so nice and the FedEx employee was actually here within 30 minutes of me calling! So, I would suggest calling now and seeing if there is anything they can do? Again, I DO NOT know what the hours of operation of Fed Ex delivery is, but you could explain the situation and they might be able to help you out.

    Otherwise, I agree with everybody else, I would demand a refund. They didn't even seem apologetic for this incredibly long delay. And, yes like another poster said, this is not Fed Ex 2 day as stated in the auction! Saks uses Fed Ex 2 day, apparently this "company" uses the slowest delivery window possible! lol

    Can the OP just refuse the package and have it sent back or that not a good call to ensure she gets a refund if she decides to go that route?
  7. i just called fedex bc i did think about what you said ashakes and they said they cant do anything . The item needs to be delivered once so i can get it at the station. ... sniff sniff i already started to cry. i dont want to disapoint my dad. im waiting to call these Aholes!! i will keep u guys posted. Thank you again for your thoughts i just needed to vent.
  8. ^^^Sorry. Let us know what happens. And, your dad will not be disappointed. Obviously, this was not your fault! I hope it all works out. I would just go to GNC I think and get whatever it is that you need and contact the seller today DEMANDING a refund for their poor customer service.
  9. will fed ex upgrade the shipping if you pay the difference?
    i would definitely leave negative fb.. what an a**
  10. Buy the needed items at GNC and return the eBay items. Their feedback is in your hands so I'm sure they'll be agreeable to a refund. Sorry this happened to you but don't dwell on it. :sad: Enjoy your trip!
  11. Yes, definitely buy the items at GNC so you have them to give to your dad. Deal with these idiots when you return from your trip. They're not worth your time and don't let them ruin your trip.
  12. GNC.com offers overnight delivery 1-2 days for $14.95
  13. Ladies please don't ever buy drugs online, you never know what you could be taking. It is just not worth those few extra dollars to find out.
  14. Ok i called them and the " manager" or the guy that deals with the internet sales is not availabe. Sooo AGH!!!!!! I told the guy im going to be calling the whole day till i speak with someone. SO i will be calling them again in a few hours.... Keep u guys posted.
  15. They realized the mistake they did. They stoped the fedex shipment. So re send it by USPS priority mail. So lets hope i get it befoe the 10th thanks guys for all your advice.