FURIOUS!!! Canceling my Taser order!

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  1. I just received an email from a local animal rights group. They are protesting at Taser International Headquarters (near my house, in Scottsdale) because Taser tests its stun guns on DOGS AND PIGS!!:wtf:

    I am so upset--I have a Taser on preorder right now, but I am calling tomorrow and telling them that until they stop these barbaric tests, to cancel my order.:tdown:


    Was anyone else aware of this?? This took me by such suprise:sad:
  2. I've seen a video of a bull getting shot with a TASER. He just popped back up after a few seconds and was fine. I'm kind of wondering how they would test them if it wasn't on animals.
  3. how bout on convicted felons like murderers?
  4. I hadn't thought of that. Rapists would be a better choice in my opinion though, zapping them in the crotch.
  5. ^ITA!!

    I want NO PART in supporting a product that has been used against innocent animals.
  6. ^^:tup:
    Couldn't agree more.

    I think it's terrible they test on animals, disgusting.
  7. That's terrible. I had no idea.

  8. Ok your planning on buying a taser to use on humans right?? My guess is if its ok for humans, its ok for animals? Unless they taserize them like over and over....that would be wrong.

  9. Thats a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Or discarded old boyfriends, I can provide a few names if needed.
  10. I agree!!! That is sad that the test it on animals.
  11. Coul not agree more!!!!

    Why test them on innocent animals when there are plenty of people in the world that could use a good shock!
  12. just like testing cosmetics -- on humans who agree to it and get paid for it. pay me enough and i'll let you taser me. 'hi, i'm DQ -- taser paid for my croc birkin collection!"
  13. Wait when did animals become so disposable? They are not here for our abuse. They didn't ask us to make Tasers...and if I'm not mistaken they are only meant to be used against an attacker, not random people or random animals. Would you test one out on your cat? Lets all go around tasering everyone! weee! hey, on the flip side of that comment, if we can randomly do it to animals...we can randomly do it to humans, right? If it's okay for animals, it's okay for humans. *sigh*
  14. Umm might I ask what you were going to use the taser for?
    >br> I say if they are going to test them, do it on pedophiles and rapists.
  15. ^They came out with a very small one for self defense.

    I had a cousin who was run off of the road, raped by two men, stabbed 18 times and had her body dumped. The ONLY reason she survived is because she pretended to be dead and managed to crawl a mile to a nearby house to get air evaced to the ER.

    Then my father's friend's daughter got raped and shot by her date a few months ago.

    Both girls were completely defenseless.

    I just felt that a Taser would be a good thing to have around...makes me feel safer and more confident that I would be able to protect myself if need be...but not at the expense of innocent animals.