Furious about bags I received from RM sample sale

  1. I ordered the Morning After bag in Tomato and Green. BOTH bags have handles that are much shorter than the designated handle size. The handles are at least a 1 1/2" shorter than my other Morning After bag. I'm just furious about this. This was a sample sale with the bags at $375 a pop -- not an irregular sale. Any thoughts on this? I want to return them although I know it's noted that sales are final. I'm so angry about this. And, the tomato color is not at all what I expected. I'm going to sell it if I can't return it due to the handle size. I'll call them tomorrow, although I doubt they'll cooperate. Has anyone dealt with anyone particularly helpful people at RM? Thank you.
  2. Whoa, whoa, hold on!

    So, the handles on your Morning Afters that you received from the sample sale are ACTUALLY shorter than the handles on your non-sample Morning After? Yes that sucks, but Im not sure how that translates IRL. Is it significantly noticeable? Does it make it like wayyyy inconvenient, Is it impossible to get over your shoulder?? Im not patronizing you at all, I am just really curious! I ordered a Morning After Mini, and I would like to be aware and informed. But, UGH! The handles are already very short! Having them be even shorter is definitely not a good thing!

    And just to clarify, you didnt order the minis right? They were the regular size MA's?

    On a different note, whats wrong with the tomato? Is it dis-colored? Or do you just not like the color?

    here is my tomato, I love it! Does it look like this?
  3. I have news!

    I did a quick comparison of two of my minis and noticed (for the first time) that the handles on the Dark Gray are about an inch and a half shorter than the handles on the tomato, when held and extended. I took a pic showing them sitting on a bookcase because I couldnt hold each bag and take a pic at the same time, but when the handles are extended and held, there is indeed about a 1.5 inch difference.

    It doesnt bother me too much though but I can see how it would bother someone else. Maybe RM came out with differing handle lengths? Do you not think that the exceptionally good price outweighs the handle issue? The green and tomato are $595 each, so if you can live with the handles, you can very much say you got a fantastic deal!
  4. Hi,

    Thank you for responding. Both are regular Morning After bags, and yes, unfortunately, they're both noticably shorter. Even my husband -- who never notices such things -- asked why the handles were a different length than my other non-sample sale bags. And, I have average arms and yes, it's pretty uncomfortable under my arms.

    Very surprised by this. Also, I've tried my MA bags on my shoulder when shopping at Nordstrom. None fit like this. Very strange and upsetting given the cost of the bags.

    Regarding the color -- the green is beautiful. The tomato is just not what I expected, having not seen it in person before I purchased it. I had not expected it to be such a orangey brown color. I had thought it would be a deeper red based on photos online. I can't fault RM for that, of course, as it's a personal prefernce thing, and I had been hoping for a gorgeous red bag. I should have done my homework on it a bit more before ordering this color.
  5. Gung,

    Thanks for checking this and putting up a picture. I really hope it's not that it's not a sample sale imperfect thing. I feel they had a duty to disclose if products were irregular.
  6. This is not good. I am still waiting for my glazed espresso MA from the RM's Sample Sale. With the shorter handles, can you still carry the bag on the shoulder? I hope these are not irregular bags that RM is selling during the sample sale! :cursing:
  7. lvsforme,

    It will go over your shoulder, but it's not at all comfortable for me. The bag is really up under your arm.
  8. You know, I actually dont think they are irregular. I bought the tomato from Lunaboston.com and the gray from shoprapunzels.com and they both sell new, non-irregular, and non-sample merchandise. Even so, I can see that the handles on the gray are shorter than the tomato, so I think that maybe it was intended that way. For example, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Teri (Another favorite bag of mine) initially came out with shorter handles, and then they made the bag with handles about 1.5 inches longer (As quoted to me by Marc Jacobs San Francisco Boutique). So although it is the same bag, it has little itty-bitty differences.
  9. Thanks for posting this information. I can't wait to get my MA and will see how it fits on my shoulder when it arrives. Hopefully it is not going to be a problem. :sweatdrop:
  10. GUNG, do you really have 4 MAs?? They're beautiful! I'm jealous!
  11. Yep, Im kind of starting to feel like a freak. You know that fine line thats drawn between connoisseur and fanatic? I think I'm starting to lean to the right!

    Really, who buys a Matinee in Red Wine, and then decides to also buy a Morning After in the same color? LOL
  12. Do you mind posting what the actual strap drop is on your two Minis? I would like to measure mine just to see, but I don't have another bag to compare it to. I'm just wondering where the strap drop on my bag falls in comparison to others.

    From the standpoint of how mine feels when carried, it can go over my shoulder fairly comfortably with a thin shirt, but definitely not with big sweaters or coats.
  13. This may sound strange, please don't misunderstand - are you sure the actual strap length is shorter or is the leather on the bags different? I notice that the softer leather bags are much easier to carry on your shoulder because the top of the bag sags downward a bit and the bag "collapses". The bags that had stiffer leathers didn't droop as much & have shorter drops. This was one major reason why I chose the black/blue Matinee over the elephant. The leather on the black Matinee is so soft and squishy. The bag actually looks smaller than the elephant but it's really only an illusion - it's due to the different types of leather. The elephant Matinee would never have fit on my shoulder, but the black one fits just fine - even over my heavier coat. Could it just be the straps look shorter because one bag has softer leather than the other?

    When I looked at the pic of your tomato and gray bags GUNG, the gray bag actually looks a little smaller next to the tomato bag but it could be becuz of the leather. Is the leather on your gray bag softer & thicker than the tomato??