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  1. I was just wondering for the people who dislike fur, why? I like it and know some who do. I was also wondering if you dislike fur, do you also dislike leather or croc or other skins? Just wondering because offline, I only know one person who dislikes fur and she also doesn't buy leather products. Just wondering everyones opinions because a lot of bags are made out of those materials... :idea:
  2. I don't mind farm-raised furs. Those animals lead relatively good lives (particularly because their coats have to be kept nice) and they're killed in a relatively humane way (if you consider anal electricution humane). I think we should be FAR more concerned about farm-raised cattle, chickens (particularly chickens!), etc. I buy free-range whenever possible.

    I think a lot of it depends on your upbringing, too. I have a picture of me as a little kid and I have on a tiny matching fur coat with my mom!

    I do not, however, believe in coyote fur, seal, any animal that's out in the wild. That's just terrible.
  3. I see your point, but you never really know how any of the animals are raised.
  4. with research, you can find out anything these days.
  5. I realize it's slightly hypocritical to buy leather, but be strongly against fur...

    but, I think fur is disgusting. Faux fur looks just as nice, and sweet little animals don't need to die for my coat.

    PS Intlset, I agree with you about "farm" raised livestock. Animals in the food industry are treated in ways that would make most normal people shudder. I used to be a vegetarian, and lately I've been off and on, because my ethical views on the issue won't allow me to enjoy meat anymore!
  6. If you look hard enough, yes. How do you feel on the issue?
  7. lol Yeah, it's actually very, very easy to find out these things...
  8. I agree!
  9. I posted a reply but have not seen it appear yet. I'm gonna wait a few more minutes before I try again just so I don't have to repeat myself. I'm against it with a long explanation.
  10. I don't believe in killing animals for vanity. I won't wear fur or buy bags trimmed with crocodile, chinchilla hair, etc...

    The only exception I will make is with leather because let's face it, you can't get around that - obviously, we can't wear plastic shoes and so forth over a long term...
  11. Sometimes, longer post tend to take a while. :nuts: I hope it just appears, thoughs, Sucks to retype.
  12. It's funny, my ethics teacher is the one person I was talking about who hates animal products. I think she replaced leather with hemp or something.
  13. problem with being against all animal products is that you have no idea how many products we use everyday are animal products. Not just food. Gelatin is used in photography. Animal fat is used in a abundance of ways. Calcium tablets have what? Bones! Oh I could go on. You just can't be a purist in anything.
  14. I like fur, I don't wear it often, but I admit that I like the way it looks and feels. One fur I have is vintage, so I don't feel as guilty as if I had purchased it new. Which, I admit is silly. The animals died for the coat, whether it was 20 years ago, or 12 months ago. I have a mongolian lamb jacket that I absolutely love, it's so soft and warm, but it's pretty off the wall looking. I look like Mr. Snuffleufagus from Sesame Street. So, I hardley wear it, but I do touch it every chance I get.
    Also, as far as coyotes go, they're almost at a nuissance level where I live. They actually have warnings in one town, to not let your small animals and young children play unattended in your back yard. My friend in AZ has had pet cats snatched out of her fenced backyard by coyotes, in full daylight. They're getting very bold. :o(
  15. LOL at the Snuffleufagus comment, :P I'm sorry for your friend. I don't see a problem in hunting coyotes if they're causing problems like that.
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