Fur spybag???? Questions!!

  1. Hey, I saw a fur spy at Neimans today, and although it was fur it looked BEAUTIFUL! I mean the colors and everything was perfect! I think green croc handles..oh crap how did I forget the color..anyway..has anyone seen it? Is this new or old? How much? It was sooo pretty! I couldn't get fur though:sad:. This is probably the first fur bag I've ever liked so I'm a little mad at myself:push:.

    ...i wish they made it in faux....eep...
  2. The fur spys I have seen before ran around $10k. Fendi started out as a furrier, so they do use fur in a lot of their designs.
  3. [​IMG]

    It sort of looked like that actually..thats probably the one. It looks MUCH better in real life..that pic does no justice! It was protected behind locked glass so I just took a peeksy. What color are those handles? They look sorta green..hmm I thought it was croc..oh well whatever it was pretty.

    I WANT!!! but not for 10k:tdown: (one of my cat's name's Minky so thats not cool lol)
  4. I reckon it'll be pretty hard to locate one as well. But I might be wrong.
  5. I know! Thats why I was like :drool: when I saw it in real life! Now that I know where it is I feel tempted but its impossible.