Fur Pompom Charms

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  1. #1 May 1, 2016
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
    Hey friends! Besides the LV pompom charms, where do you find your favorite good quality fur Pompom charms? Thanks so much!
  2. Patricia Nash makes some nice ones, availible at Macys, and her website
  3. Thanks so much
  4. Michael Kors also has some but they are a bit small so maybe better suited to a smaller bag.

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  5. does it matter if they're or real or faux fur?
  6. eBay, $1 each I have like 12 and love them
  7. I got my fur charms from Furla. They've nice and affordable ones. 🤔
  8. If you live in NY area, MOOD fabric store has some very soft and big puffy fur (real fox fur) pompoms. $25 each in all sorts of colors. The only downside is the leather attached to the pompom is a little wacky, but can prob get replaced somehow.
  9. Yogastudio55 on Esty.com. It's about $20 shipped in US. Looks very nice and a lot of good reviews.
  10. any suggestions for UK suppliers?
  11. Linda Richards. They are really well made and a substantial size. Nordstrom carries them.
  12. Any good faux fur ones? I refuse to own real fur.
  13. Check your local furrier/fur store they often sell them