Fur Pom poms

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  1. Are the MK ones faux fur? Love the look of them and seen some cute ones (not MK) online but they say they are all fox fur?
  2. I don't think any of the MK ones are faux fur. I have seen a few MK on ebay labelled as faux fur but I'm pretty sure MK ones aren't faux. Dune have some nice faux fur ones at the moment. I haven't seen this years in person but last season the clip was too large to fit on any of my MK bags.
  3. I don't think MK fur poms are fake. I believe they're made from fox or rabbit.
  4. I don't know why but it bothers me contradictory I know as I carry leather bags but I always think of foxes being killed cruelly as we don't use them for anything else do we? Guess the rest of the cow gets used but I dare say that's not always done humanely. Thanks for replying
  5. I get it, i love the fur poms but fur bugs me overall yet i am not anti leather nor am i vegetarian, vegan.

    Anyways, i have read too they are fox or rabbit and it's stated online.

  6. It must be drummed into us hey, I just love the look of them
  7. I got mine from turkey ad they do not kill the foxes but only use the scraps fur from a fox farm. At least that's what I read.
  8. That's sounds better though doesn't it 🏻
  9. Same thing for the ones I bought from Greece.
  10. I have a bag that's south African spring bok. Mom has an even bigger tote made of the same fur. Im pretty sure it wasn't from natural causes or some freak lion attack that left an entirely intact hide. I wear suede, leather and fur. Now I feel terrible inside.......
  11. It's just tricky, again LOVE the look of them.. just it's reasonable to question the methods that animals were treated to gain them.

    I guess what i would wonder are the farming practices in which they came from. I swear not trying to turn this into an ethical debate, it is something i do wonder regardless of my desire for a poof.
  12. Me neither, was just surprised as I presumed they would be faux. Il just keep looking for a faux one that catches me eye.
  13. Try nordstrom. They have a decent variety of faux fur keychains. They start at around 12 bucks. Several brands too.
  14. Thanks bag lady