Fur looks good outside too!...Introducing...

  1. My new Kelly Troika 32cm Black/noir GH
    kelly 34.jpg keeel back.jpg kelly side.jpg kelly scarf.jpg
  2. Oh my god... gorgeous. The sheen is TDF. Plus, it's cute!
  3. Thank you the sheen is great inside and out.
  4. wowie wow wow - stunning, encore!! Congratulations!!
  5. Love it!
  6. ohhh lalala!
  7. Thank you so much! It was waiting for my Birthday Just sitting in a box. Waiting. And I was soo Excited then all these bags started popping up and I had mine all along.!!
  8. Wish I could do bigger pics but for now this is the limit of my ability haha
  9. Funny these bags are really light weight. Thank you ALL!!!
  10. this is a BEUUUUUtiful bag! Congrats and thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. Oooh how gorgeous, I want to pet her!
  12. That bag is fantastic, really, really fantastic.
  13. WOW, that is absolutely FABULOUS looking!!!!!
  14. It's absolutely stunning!
  15. It's really beautiful! Congratulations!!!!!!