Fur gilet

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  1. Can anyone point me in direction of where I can buy a black fur gilet? Preferably rabbit or fox fur
  2. This really depends on where you live. Of course you can buy them online but really more detail woupd help. I woupd say look to pay more than the cheap (and inferior quality) ones listed on some Ebay sites.
  3. Sheepskin is a great option, some are reversible too

    I can totally recommend Joseph
  4. Definitely - I have 3 Joseph gilets too. Ahem, slightly addicted to gilets :biggrin:
  5. Hockley have some beautiful fox ones on sale and they are quality. Joseph shearlings are an alternative but I just prefer the fox ones.

    Hockley are in London.
  6. Muubaa sells them as well. They make pretty great jackets. They may even have a gilet or two on sale at the Outnet.
  7. Joseph is lovely - not cheap but excellent quality. I don't wear fur for ethical reasons, bit I also find it very unattractive as it tends to make people look heavier and older.
  8. I own a fox one and a rabbit one - both are super warm. Sheepskin is nice too but fur I prefer. Good luck.
  9. Hi not posted here before but I am thinking of buying a rabbit gilet , but I am a little worried that at 46 I am to old to wear one , what do others think , is there a age limit :smile:
  10. 100% - there is absolutely no age limit at all.

    To the OP, if you are in England then Harrods have some online but in store they have many many more. That is - assuming they still have their winter stock on display?

  11. Too old? Not at all. There is absolutely no age limit whatsoever as far as I can see.