Fur coats?

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  1. What are your opinions about fur jackets?

    I recently got one and im in love with it.It's vintage....i did not buy it from a fur store....but i have to say...i dont feel bad wearing it because in canada winter gets very cold and unbearable....In my mind im recycling a fur coat by getting it.
    I just hope i wont have to indure critisisme.

  2. Wearing anything that's fur just isn't my style. But if you like it that's great! Congrats on your jacket purchase!
  3. congrats on your new coat!
  4. I love vintage fur, it would be wasted otherwise!! I have a 1950's fox fur coat that I love! enjoy your new coat!
  5. Congratulations, I bet it's lovely. I have a vintage raccoon coat, and a Mongolian lamb coat. They're really warm. I don't wear the curly lamb much, though. It's so soft and warm, and I love they way it feels. Unfortunately, it makes me look like Mr. Snuffleuffagus from Sesame Street. :sad:
  6. I have a short black vintage fur. I love it but since moving from "the big city" to a smaller MUCH more conservative town, I have been afraid to wear it. I would stand out and not in a good way.
  7. I have a vintage faux fur coat. I got it at a church thrift store for really cheap and I actually didn't know it was fake until I went to have it cleaned. That made me feel a lot better about wearing it until I realized it makes me look like a grizzly bear :shame:

    I love the way furs look and I think vintage is a great way to go, but I think they look too OTT on me :sad:...
  8. I love fur, but I hardly ever see anyone wearing it in DC. I did see a ton of ladies wearing fur when I was in Rome last spring. Anyways, enjoy your new fur!
  9. There have been TONS of heated threads about opinions on fur jackets/clothes. So, if you do a search, you will find them all.:smile:
  10. ^Yup.

    I must say, I am not a fan of fur.
  11. I think it looks awesome and if you live in a cold climate it keeps you warm too. Any pics?
  12. oo I love fur coats... any pics???
  13. We do have a ton of heated threads on this very topic. Feel free to do a search.
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