Fur bags

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  1. When do you think its late enough in the Fall to start carrying a fur bag? I have a gorgeous rabbit fur hobo in dark brown that I haven't carried yet. It would be weird in warm weather. As soon as its coat weather? As soon as I feel I have to wear socks every day? What would you use as your determinant?:idea:
  2. Its never too appropriate to carry a fur bag here :sad: I wish I could give better advice!
  3. Or you can say that since there's no right season, there is also no wrong season!
  4. It really depends on your climate. I live in So Cal and it hardly ever goes below 60 degress, and whenever I see anyone wear Uggs or Fur I think it's ridiculous.

    I figure as soon as it gets cold enough that you have to wear a winter coat, or can't wear open toed shoes that is when fur would work.
  5. I would think that it would have to actually be Winter and in a cold climate! Where I am doen'st get cold enough or have a long enough of a cold season for them, personally I don't like any of the fur bags, just makes me think of the animals that were slaughtered just for the fur.

    Now don't rag on me, JMHO and yes, before you ask, I do wear leather, but I don't eat the cows, I figure that everyone else is eating them, the skin is a by product, the hooves are used as dog treats or glue and all the rest of the parts are ground up and made into herferd logs, which by the way big cats in capitivity eat. No waste and the cows don't live in terrible conditions until they are slaughtered.

    P.S. th only thing my Grandma left me when she died was a damb 30K mink coat that I will never wear and always told her I didn't want. (I was the only girl close to her size)
  6. :lol: Fur? in texas! I'm still blastin' the AC in my car in winter!So fur isn't seen much here. But I couldn't pull off the fur thing anyways. I most likely would look silly.
  7. I'm glad this question came up. I also have a dillema with a calf hair bag. Its not really fur but it does have hair on it.

    I should be able to pull this off now right? But for how long? Can you rock this bag in March if you have a cute outfit that goes?? here's a pic. Its not my actual bag but it looks exactly like this.

    The calf hair is in the middle and the rest is leather. Is this really just a winter bag?? I hope not or else i made a bad purchase. i need to be able to wear this for more that once a year. :suspiciou
  8. That's a gorgeous bag, and I think calf hair is acceptable this time of year.
  9. Chemlex
    What about season after season? Do you think this bag could pass? Or only for Fall/ Winter. Of course i wouldnt carry it for a year straight but i like to make sure that all my bags are appropriate to pull out whenever i want.
  10. Well, it's black - which means I wouldn't carry it during summer. I definitely think it works for fall, winter, and the early part of spring that still feels like winter.

    That gives you about 7-8 months of the year to use this bag, that's not bad.
  11. LOL haha I know what you mean! :lol:
  12. I carry haircalf almost year round. I'd say that only June/July/August/early September are exempt.
  13. I'm wearing pony hair shoes right now in TEXAS! So girl carry your bag proudly around the end of November. By then maybe the snow flurries will kick up. :smile:
  14. I really agree with what chemlex said- I think some months, you just don't want to push it or go there. Black bags are quite versatile. But if you have any doubts, maybe hold off on it and get something more practical. I find that most and many tan/beige bags really go year round IMO :idea:
  15. I agree with Megs on the tan/beige - that color is year round.

    I also think most shades of pink are acceptable for every season. And if it's just a handbag, you can wear it at any age.