fur babies need help on craigs list!

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  1. Okay so I never knew this... maybe you guys do, but I figured I'd get the word out. I'm kind of computer illiterate, and I'm figuring out Craig's List (finally, lol!). I discovered the pet section of Craig's List today and there's TONS of animals that need homes, and I live in a very low-populated area. I can only imagine what a big city has on their craig's list site!

    I think this would be a good option if you can't find an animal you "click" with in a shelter... and of course its a much better option than buying a pet (which I don't know why people do that in today's world... but that's another story) :sad:

    Anyway, they have all sorts of animals- guinea pigs, frogs, dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, ferrets, chinchillas, birds, the list goes on and on. A lot of the people sound extremely desperate to get rid of their pets because of money issues, i think due to the job layoffs and bad economy. and i'd say a good 95% them are completely free. it's a good alternative to a shelter, so check it out! :heart:
  2. I actually bought my dog of CL and although he was young (6weeks) he is in great health is I'm so in love with him! We're even looking to add another little monster (that's what we call our Boston - his real name is Rex) off of CL! I don't understand why people buy then sell animals, but I guess atleast they aren't just killing them :sad:
  3. I just got our new addition on Craigs List. He is a 10 month old Golden Retriever that needed a new home. The owners didn't have time for him. He was crated all day and night.
    He has been wonderful. He's a total sweetheart and my 2 year old Golden loves him. He tried to eat my daughter's remote control earlier, but despite that he's great!