Fur anyone?

  1. fur.JPG
  2. So furry! Looks so soft. I wanna touch it!
  3. Can't get into these....would rather have a bag ;)
  4. That scarf seems so soft ..
  5. They are pretty but I don't buy anything that has fur. It's awful how they obtain it (sorry to be a downer).
  6. Is that a bag, or a muff?
  7. ^^ I think it's a muff
  8. Mmm, too bad they're off the site.

    Those earmuffs actually aren't too expensive. I prefer the Chinchilla ones, but I might have to get these this season . . .

    Although maybe I need to lay off the fur for a while. I'm getting my mink coat this Saturday. :biggrin:
  9. yeah sold out on elux! the chinchilla ones are like $2k
  10. I've got a thing for chinchilla. I would so be on top of those things.
  11. I'm loving the scarf!
  12. Any other color beside black? :rolleyes:

  13. Looks like the thingy you put your hands in to keep them warm.

    We don't need that here...summer all year long :supacool:
  14. The scarf is classy and pretty. I would get that one :graucho:
  15. Not a fur person... I'm an avid chinchilla owner so no thanks. :yucky: JMHO though. ;)
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