Funny :)

  1. The funniest thing happened boyfriend has never noticed any of my purses EVER before...mentioned how much he loved my balenciaga lilac first..and that if I'm going to buy another one..I should buy that in another colour!!! :p
  2. lol how sweet!
  3. awww! that is adorable! my DH is obsessed (well as much as he could be with a purse) with my truffle ggh part time. its hilarious! i have had tons of gorgeous bags, and its his absolute fav ever! sometimes guys are so funny! :smile:
  4. My Dh is all for me selling my bags - except he says I should never sell "the red one or the blue one" - by which he means my Blueberry and Rouge Theatre Days. He says the RT reminds him of a race car.
  5. My sweet bf tries to humor me in my handbag addition and says they are all nice, but if I even mention selling my steel RH PT he looks at me like I am crazy and says "but that's the best one!" So needless to say, it isn't going anywhere!!
  6. that IS sweet. i only have a black first right now, so whenever i mention that i want a new color in either a city or twiggy, he always says, why?? The black one is the best one. Also, whenever he sees a wallet I might like, he always says, "this will go well with your black bag." :heart::love:
  7. aw...that is so sweet. your bf has great taste! i am grateful that i don't have to hide anything i buy from my bf. he is very understanding, supportive, and often tells me which colors he likes and dislikes. best kind of bf to have when it comes to handbags addiction. but the one thing he would not do is to hold my bags in public.
  8. aww, that's sweet.
  9. The ONLY bag that DH commented on was Miroir Lockit- to which he said 'THAT'S NICE!'

    haha!! Oh and he also said 'that's one bomber purse' about Ursula. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    this is major since DH is a PHH!
  10. I love my BF because he supports me in my addiction and went with me to get my last bal (jaune city). I told him he couldn't carry my jaune but then when I let him (I needed to tie my shoe I think or something..) he was like "so now youre letting me? I'm not giving it back" hehe. hes the best
  11. awww....what a cutie!
  12. Good for u!!..i Love lilac too.. And my Bf adores my LV Multicolore Ursula.. He says it Very Nice!!..
  13. the way i see it.. that is CONSENT!.. now u can always go back and reference... "that time you said..." lol

    it is very sweet for a guy to notice anything and actually bring attention to it. so many guys focus on the things they dont like in a girl that they forget to compliment the things they do like.
  14. I definitely take it as consent :smile: Now I'm madly on a search for a new think it's especially hilarious since he seems to HATE big purses..i.e the mj stam and even chanel jumbo...he's a the poor boy doesn't have a clue about for the fact he likes balenciaga...maybe he's into discreet bags ;)
  15. that's so cute that he's so supportive. :biggrin: my bf is the same and would help me go to the store and ask about the new bags but his biggest nightmare is when i try to engage him in a discussion about colors!! ("should i get violet??? yellow?!?! is the le magenta prettier than the nm le???")