Funny, weird, bad listings list!

  1. Thanks for the clarification. Wow, some people are so weird! :weird:


  2. OMG LMAO, she is a porn star.
  3. Gross. Learn something new every day lol
  4. Not a listing, but I came across this today and thought "the nerve!" :rolleyes:
  5. How annoying! I can't believe there are buyers like this.
  6. Wow...adding that buyer to my block list
  7. Haha I feel like I've gotten into arguments with that buyer on another forum before, or someone with very similar standards who had decided she was on a one-woman crusade to make sellers bend over backwards and provide the equivalent of high-end boutique service, since she decided that's what she was entitled to whenever she handed over so much as a cent to anyone. Yikes.
  8. OMG that reminds me I had a print screen (I need to find it!!!) of negative feedback left for a seller because the mask that the buyer received was supposed to be Obama's face, but everyone thought it was McCain. Hilarious!!!
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    Ha ha ha okay... I don't use lotion or baby oil, period so her point that all women do the same is invalid.

    I should've sold my trashed and well worn shoes for good money then! Darn I missed it! Why don't I dig into people's trash cans and dumpsters to pick these shoes and get hundreds of bucks for them, what a great idea! :nuts: One man's trash is another man's treasure. :nuts:
  10. Hilarious!!! I agree lol and the auction is hilarious.