Funny, weird, bad listings list!

  1. ...same with this one

    I can only imagine the phone calls this seller gets!
  2. Haha not bad! Why not ... People at least see how it fits ;)
    As mentioned before the description is more irritating than the pics.
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    I think she meant they have a piano that was made in the year 1860. I think grammar isn't one of her skill sets hehe
  4. Darn, I missed the initial auction, but the gal with the giant black bag and the lipstick red dress is something else. Her measurements and phone numbers in the listing?!
  5. Agreed. That last pic is impossible if you have a umm I don't know...a head! Lol
  6. OMFG:roflmfao: I can barely breath right now- that is HYSTERICAL!!!! Maybe the necklace comes with an instruction manual on how to double it up
  7. :giggles: This thread is cracking me up.
  8. Oh my...NWT but worn in by a whole new meaning to eww.

  9. The second auction is hilarious. :roflmfao: