Funny, weird, bad listings list!

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  1. Oh and youve GOT to read the text too! LOL
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  2. oh wow!! and her family is famous too!:wtf:
  3. I know right. I totally want to be her friend!!!
  4. Wow, doesn't make the offer too appealing! No bid from me! Funny!!!
  5. Good grief.:rolleyes:
  6. LOL. I love the model shots.
  7. I know right... I dont mind pre-loved, but this bag's been raped!
  8. Haha!! Who lists pics like this?? That poor bag :smile:
  9. lmao!!
  10. WOW! 1860 one-of-a-kind pianos!? :confused1:

    Bonus points to anyone who can tell me why having 1,860 one-of-a-kind pianos would mean they "don't have to put questionable bags out"?


  11. That's the first time I have read a comment about a bag being described in the

    "raped" condition... WOW!!!
  12. Id like to know if she consitered who her target customerbase is here...

    and will she babywhipe the bag before shipment if requested?
    also: what is the free gift with purchase? or wait... i dont want to know!
  13. THAT was not consensual.... LOL