Funny tidbit about MC Wapity

  1. So...did you all know that the MC Wapity's stitching-and only the stitching- glows really brightly under UV light? We were in a little nightclub in Ocho Rios last week and my Wapity was glowing! It's so odd since the stitching is yellow, I would have thought the white canvas would have glowed but no. At any rate, it looked really cool.
  2. Cool! :wlae:
  3. wow how fun!
  4. Someone needs to post a picture.
  5. :party: Ocho Rios = LOVE! Have you done the original canopy tour? :nuts: :yahoo:
  6. Was that the zipline one? We wanted to but didn't get a chance this time around...we took a bus from the north coast to the south which was pretty cool though:yes:
  7. I didn't know that!

    I learn something new here everyday.
  8. going on a cruise soon...just liked seeing "ocho rios" up here, even if it is montego bay we're stopping at :smile:
  9. If your cruise ship has ultraviolet lighting in the nightclub you MUST take a Wapity along so you can see how cool it is:yes: !
    BTW it seems like a good time to be heading into sunshine!
  10. yes the zipline thing thats what it is! ITS SO FUN! Yes Ocho Rios is a blast and so is cruising! You will deff. have fun.
  11. that makes it even better! Looove it for glow bowling!! I really can't wait till I get my wapity!
  12. Interesting..thanks for sharing..
  13. I love this forum -- I get the up to date important info!
  14. very awsome! i want my wapity to glow...wait...its in californa....i forgot!
  15. Huh.. I wonder if it is treated. Maybe that is how they can tell if it is a fake