Funny things your pets do

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  1. :PI'm not sure if there's a thread about this already but oh well. Tell me some funny habits or things your sweeties do! I'll start!

    My 12 week old male kitten Yorick has gotten a new habit at dinnertime and it's SO cute. You know when a horse rears up on his two legs? He does that. He'll meow and purr and rub at your ankle to the point of almost knocking you over but every time you turn around and start walking in another direction, he gets SO excited and rears up on his two legs and actually walks on them for a second or so before dashing under your feet again. LOL it's so cute and I gotta say he's not bad at walking on two legs. But it's so funny because he does it like 4 or 5 times every evening when I'm getting their dinner ready. :P
  2. ^^^ That's so cute! My, I think they're 12 week old, kittens, Jet and Brooklyn, do so many funny things, most of which I forget. But Brook loves to pick up my pens and hilighters and carry them around in her mouth. It's so adorable! And yesterday she got scared of a dead ant.... and then started playing with it :Push:. And Jet is just crazy!
  3. Ha! Yes! Bailey my female 12 week old does that too! She'll carry her feather toy all over the house and if whatever she's playing with is small enough, she'll carry it in her mouth and go from room to room for a good minute or so of playing with it lol!
  4. Its weird but my maltese gets really excited when her butt is wet. LOL she doesn't like it when shes being washed or toweled off but the second I put her down she goes nuts, she runs from one side of the room to the other and then harasses my yorkie and takes her toys until her butt dries off. loll its pretty funny, she also gets really excited after she poos. She does her business, sniffs it, then prances around the house panting looking really proud.
    Also, ever since they were little my dogs would sleep on top of each other every so often. Its so cute and funny because my yorkie is two pounds lighter than my maltese but my maltese is always on top! I think it might be for warmth or something?
  5. My corgi jumps up on her back legs and "hugs" my leg with her front paws when I get home. She literally wraps her front paws around my leg like a bear hug. She will rub her head on my calf to greet me and then she is done. It is super cute!
  6. My Lucy (APBT) lets my roomate's Maltese sleep on top of her own belly. And Lucy will usually stand outside the kitchen screen door holding her plate in her mouth when dinnertime is near!
  7. my cat Casey likes to carry his toys in his mouth too! he also carries my boys' small toys (legos and star wars guns lol) around in his mouth until he finds a good playing spot, he drops them and bats them around. he can also pick up small toys in his paw!
    and when he sniffs something it sounds like he's snorting! sort of like a pug.
  8. My shiba inu Gyles has recently gotten into the habit of perching himself up on the arm of our loveseat, quite a bit like a cat. He's larger than he thinks he is, though and has a hard time balancing himself to stay up there, sometimes falling off very un-gracefully and not cat-like at all.
    Our other pooch Roxy likes to squeeze herself between me and my husband, and instead of being grateful and smiling at us for letting her up, she puts her head down and lets out a huge groan/sigh... It's hilarious, every time. A bit like when you come home from work and plop down on the couch to relax.
  9. _ my yorkie loves humping her teddy bear (from Build-a-bear). she knocks her head on the floor or the wall (make sound) but keep humping. i cant stop laughing everytime she does that.

    _ after the bath and dried her hair, she begins to rub her body on the carpet. i say she's dancing HIPHOP, lol
  10. ^ So Cute!

    One of our cats loves to bring us a socks! He is so proud, pouncing down the stairs, meowing, with a sock in his mouth!
  11. I have a favorite chair. So my Yoshi(Siamese) and Lily (black dsh) carry their toys to my chair. I pick the toys up and put them in their toy box they bring them back to me or leave them there overnight. They also make a loud weird meow sound when they do this.
  12. My husband's cat pooped on his side of the bed and next to my son's bed when we brought our new puppy home on Friday. The new puppy pees all over my white carpet. Oh, wait...FUNNY, not infuriating. :yucky:
  13. My youngest kitty, Belle, will drag your food away if you aren't looking. Not just meat or traditional things that cats like, but so far this week she's taken lettuce, pasta, toast, and the skin of a baked potato.

    Patch is six months old and still nurses on my fingertips. He gets absolutely frantic if I shift my weight because he thinks I'm going to put him down.

    Bounce is three and he puffs out EVERY time the bell rings. Still hasn't gotten used to it.

    Tasha is fourteen and she picks up socks/hand towels/anything she can carry in her mouth and makes this horrible, pitiful noise like she's mourning her dead sock baby. My cat who passed in January, Aja, did this as well (and more often) but since Aja has been gone Tasha has certainly picked up the dead baby slack.
  14. During the holidays my sister had a large turkey out (still in the wrapping) and was getting ready to start preparing and cooking it. When the phone rang she went to the other room for about 10 minutes and somehow (she still cant figure out how) her cat (who was a kitten at the time) grabbed hold of the turkey, pulled it up out of the sink, off the counter, dragged it through 2 rooms and under a bed where he stayed, attempting to get the wrapping off. My sister thought she was going crazy when she couldnt find the turkey. By the time she figured out what had happened she had to run out and grab another one to cook for company lol. Needless to say she wasnt very pleased!
  15. ^^Love them ,they find a way to do anything.
    My doggy Sooty gets very excited when I say " where is your tail " She chases it round in circlesbut never quite reaches it. My children love to watch :smile:

    Also when she sees me holding the lead for a walk she runs around on her two hind legs...