Funny things your baby says or does

  1. I don't have kids but my nephew used to pretend to fall if he was tired so he colud be carried, he was such a smiler so it was funny rather than coming across as whiny
  2. When my son was about 9 months old, he would "pick his toes". He would take off his socks, pull his toes apart, and investigate whatever was between them (you know, fuzz from his socks). He would remove the fuzz and look at it like it was really, really interesting. It was hilarious! :lol:
  3. My baby's only 3 months old so he doesn't do much yet, but it's hilarious how much of his personality is coming through even as an infant. He's like his Daddy... he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. :p

    Ex: My baby needs his bottle the exact temperature, otherwise he gets mad and "yells at me" and scolds me. Like in the middle of a bottle, if it gets too cold, he'll stop eating, spit it out, and yell at me in baby talk. I say yell at me because it's hard to describe... but it's angry sounding baby noises. It's so damn cute!! I laugh whenever he does it.
  4. My son is 7, an only child, and wants a baby brother. The other day, he told me he was going to ask God for another "pregnant time"!! I said DONT YOU DARE!!
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