Funny Things Overheard About Coach!

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  1. #1 Mar 21, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2014
    I have heard some interesting (and sometimes even hilarious) comments about Coach products and Coach stores over the years and I'll bet that many of you have had similar experiences.

    I thought that we could start collecting them here to give each other and laugh and perhaps some "food for thought".

    Here's one:

    I was at the outlet last weekend and I overheard 2 women talking as they feverishly examined bags on the clearance shelves (they were mostly looking at MFF sig bags). I think that they may have been a Mother and Daughter pair.

    At one point the younger woman said "Just make sure that it doesn't look cheap!" and the older woman replied in confusion "It's a Coach! How could it look cheap?!" Then the younger one said "I dunno, but sometimes they don't look as good as others."

    I wanted to suggest that they stroll over to the FP deletes section to have a better chance of finding bags that "don't look cheap" (no guarantees of course, but a better chance!) but the FP deletes shelves were kind of empty and they were only 40% off and that's kind of pricey so I kept my counsel to myself - and that means more "not cheap looking" bags for me to choose from! :devil:

    Do you have any Coach anecdotes to share? Tell us about them! :roflmfao:
  2. Omg lol that's funny
  3. im not gonna lie, she's right when she says that some bags do look kinda cheap, even with a coach name and price tag attached to it. i won't mention any kind here though, so i don't offend someone that has it or likes it. everyones taste is different! and thats all good :smile:
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    Male perspective.....

    Before I was really into Coach, I bought a few replicas - legitimate replicas, sold by a couple of sisters in my Curves (womens exercise studio) group. (I say legal, because they researched, and as long as they didn't have Coach hangtags, or creeds, they were legal to sell - at least in CA). They were all $40 - be it signature, or leather.
    Kids in school..... so $500 bags were out of the question, at the time.

    Then along came a Hampton Satchel I just had to have. First day carrying it, I came home, put in on the dining room table as I usually do, until I take it upstairs after dinner. My 23 year old son walks by it, comes into the kitchen and asked "How much did you pay for that?"...... I replied "$40....just like the rest of them". His reply -"bull - it's a REAL one"...... I asked how he knew - he said because " it didn't look cheap, like the rest of them". Hmmmmm...... my thoughts were wondering how a guy knew - let alone a son, who's only interests seemed to be in girls, baseball and football. Ssshhhhhhh.... don't tell Dad! Hence the reason I pick up an occasional card case, wallet or shaving bag for him. Our little secret. My husband is clueless how much a Coach handbag costs - doesn't know, doesn't want to know.

    ETA: My husband is an avid sports fan. 49er season tickets for 30+years. Anytime a new handbag is delivered - he gives me the look. i just say "......season tickets......."
  5. I went into one store carrying a Reed Krakoff bag and the SA commented on my bag, how it looked similar to the Riley Bleecker, then asked what type of bag it was. When I replied Reed Krakoff, she looked at me and said, "Who's that? I've never heard of him."

    She was very nice; I just said he's a designer as I wasn't really sure how to respond.
  6. I was carrying my Anna Sui Dragon Fly duffle in my local Coach store and one of the SA that I was familiar with said, "oh see that bag you have? It is quite similar in shape and size to our new Duffle bag!" She didn't have a clue until I said it was a Limited Edition Anna Sui bag for Coach...I think at the end of that she was still not convinced it was a Coach. But's it funny when we tPFer's give some SA's 'lessons' on their products....;)
  7. :lolots::lolots::lolots: I agree..... it probably would have been pointless to respond.
  8. I had another SA try to convince me that the smallest size Borough that would be released was the mini and that the mini was the smallest one in the pic from PB of the spring 2014 white Boroughs.

    She wasn't as nice about it and while I'm resisting, I wonder what would happen if I went in there with my Borough key fob on my bag.
  9. I think alot of SAs don't know enough about the product they are selling and don't have the passion for it. I think it's a job that pays their bills...Coach should require more training to keep their employees informed about the products they are selling. The outlets are the worst...I've asked some SA's if they have a specific bag in deletes...(recent bags , mind you) and they look at me like I have 3 product knowledge for FP bags...Other SA's are great and very knowledgable though...they are the ones who are passionate about what they do!
  10. Agreed. I just went into a store by where I work and found a nice and knowledgeable SA. Didn't buy anything that trip, but will once the items I want are released. She seemed as obsessed as we are. :smile:
  11. This is true. Last time I went to an outlet, I asked about the borough bags. The SA had no clue which bag I was referring to. I'm like, its only the bag all over those posters by the window. O well, I tried...but no luck.
  12. Lol

  13. The Coach UK website still has not fixed the photo problem....will you please post a photo of the borough fob on the keychain and fobs clubhouse thread? I'd love to see it!
  14. Here's the Vermillion keychain:

    And on a medium size Borough:
  15. My daughter who is in her 20s commented that she didn't like Coach since they stopped making them in the US, like her Zoe that she bought at FP several years ago. I had to show her the creed in her bag to prove to her it was made in China!