Funny Thing Yesterday!

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  1. Yesterday my mom, son, & I went out for dinner at Fuddruckers. Well, there was a birthday party there (it just started) & people were just arriving. The lady hosting the party had the denim patchwork tote, next lady had the same bag, & so on. I saw 2 denim patchworks, 2 holiday patchworks, 1 whiskey mandy, 1 signature mandy, 2 chanels, & 1 prada. LOL It was so hilarious everytime someone from their party showed up they all had designer bags. My mom & I just laughed about it.

    I just had to share.
  2. Lol, cute story.

    I've always wanted to try Fuddruckers, lol. How is it?
  3. That's cute....thanks for sharing:smile:
  4. O/T I used to love Fuddruckers - there just aren't any around me anymore. Ok, back to the point - that is funny that you saw so many designer (especially Coach) in one place! I love being able to identify other women's bags - I've become a little sick in the head with this obsession! LOL!
  5. Anyone that has cheese as a sauce on the condiment bar is OK by me!
  6. I love Fuddruckers!
    Cool to see a whiskey Mandy! I am so tempted to buy one before they go away but my bank account cannot handle any more!
  7. geez, all i ever see at fuddruckers are bikers and underage college kids!;)
  8. My friends took me there when I visited them in Ft. Lauderdale. I can
    t wait to visit again!
  9. dang, i haven't had fuddruckers since i left ohio. i don't even know if they have them down here.


    i can't figure out whether i'm drooling over the thought of the burgers or the bags! lol!
  10. There's one close to my apartment in Atlanta, kallison. There are probably some close to you.
  11. wow, didn't know there were any in atlanta! i'm gonna have to make a road trip this weekend, hehe.
  12. There's 2 here in Alpharetta: North Point Mall in front of Target and in Andrettis on Alpharetta hwy/Hwy 9. My oldest son goes to college in Ohio and really misses it and Chikfila.
  13. BF lives near one in MD. I love the food and the atmosphere!