Funny thing happened today...

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  1. I use my BF's eBay account to shop stuff I want. Lately, I've been on a kate spade rampage. I take extra precautions in making sure it's real and all but the fear is always there. So all response to my inquiries (like "Does this come with the dust bag and care card?") gets sent to his email and he forwards it to me. I was looking through my emails today and saw his forwards and I see the title for one that I have already read when I logged into his eBay acocunt. Nevertheless I opened it and ended up choking on my drink out of laughter. See, I asked the seller what I typically ask: "Does this come with the dust bag and care card?" and the seller's response was "what's a dustbag" to which I explained what it was and that it is usually in the bag when first purchased. So I opened the email and right above the seller's "what's a dustbag?" is my BF's stern yet funny warning: "Don't you dare buy this"

    I think I died right there.

    He knows more about identifying real kate spades than I do. I was whining that the bag I won and that was sent to his house might not be real and how I wasn't careful enough. Well, he spent two hours on (and many more prior to today) and called me back to tell me that it is indeed authentic and that he is 100% sure cause the made in USA tags is the real thing as on the website, that the zipper is ykk, the lining is not of any fakes and he matched the kate spade label to the authentic kate spade label (both on the website and on my kate spade from the store which is at his house) stitch per stitch.

    I thought it was funny and I'd share it. LOL.
  2. Hehe, I just read this on livejournal !
  3. Lol, that's a funny story. It's great that your bf is as much as into bags (at least kate spade ones) as you are! That's a hard quality to find .. mine just shakes his head every time I bring home a new bag.
  4. Your bf is a keeper. :lol:
  5. LOL. That is soooo cute!
  6. That's funny. Because I love Marc Jacobs so much (and that's everything, including clothes) that my boyfriend will randomly point out that someone has a Marc Jacobs coat, or bag, or something else. When I pointed out that he was doing that, he was horrified! :lol:
  7. LOL. Mine looks at prints or patterns he recognizes and stares at it and tells me if he thinks it's real or not.
  8. oh my god!!!! hahahahhahahah that was a great story to start off my day :biggrin:
  9. hahahah what an awesome bf :P
  10. Really! Where can I sign my bf up for his bag training class? :P
  11. I just checked out the site and almost spit out my coke seeing this picture:

    That has got to be one of the worst fakes ever....Kate Spade label on a Damier print!

    Your BF is a keeper, can you have him train my SO?!!!

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  12. That's funny! Your BF is a keeper!