Funny thing happened on the way to my seat . . .

  1. In November, I was at browsing at Hermes Alaska with a very dear TPFr and was smitten with the Early America cashmere/silk shawl in the black colorway. Of course, I absolutely had to have it. However, I promised myself to tuck it away until my birthday, along with the early gift of Kelly Caleche Body Lotion from this dear friend.

    Well, my birthday was on Friday and I wore the shawl for a special day in Manhattan, the highlight of which was a performance at the Metropolitan Opera. Going to my seat, in the very same row just a few seats from mine, I spotted a woman wearing this shawl in the same colorway. As I inched by her on the way to my seat, I smiled at her and said, "don't you just love this shawl?" and her reply was priceless:

    "My husband gave it to me, and I asked him -- what do I need with this schmatta?" I was taken aback, to say the least. She then quickly added, "and now, I wear it every day. Goes with everything!" Can you imagine how her husband must have felt when he gave her this shawl?!!!
  2. that is funny:smile: I hope had a wonderful birthday! how was the opera?
  3. This is so funny!!! I have noticed that concerts, opera and the ballet/dance always seems to bring out the shawl wearing. Why do you think that is? We are all so artsy?:p
  4. LOVE it!!!!!! What a great story and isn't that shawl just TDF??????
  5. Talk about an unappreciated husband!!!!
  6. MillStream- very funny story. happy birthday.
  7. WOW! Haha! Great response! I've done the same thing with an item and the person has said something to the same effect! Eep!
    I've yet to meet someone that shares my same love for things!

    Glad you had fun and bet you smelled really good too!
  8. Great story !!!
  9. teehee and HAPPY birthday MillStream!! Can we see pics of that gorgy black EA pretty please when you get a moment??? :nuts:
  10. I have that exact shawl and love it too! This may sound dumb but what is a "schmatta"?? Do we have those in Texas??:upsidedown:
  11. I agree, gracekelly, that these events bring out the shawl wearing. I'm at the Metropolitan Opera frequently and do some serious shawl and scarf spotting there. Saw a 35cm Black Boxcalf Sellier Kelly GH and its elegant owner in the ladies room, too. Funny thing, though, is the number of fake Hermes bags I see at the opera. A couple of rows in front of me was a sage green ostrich "almost" Kelly. I don't always see a real Hermes bag at the opera but I can count on seeing at least on fake one.

    H&H, you know how much I love going to opera, and this one did not disappoint. Fabulous Verdi and incredibly strong cast.

    S'Mom, have you snagged an Early America shawl for your armoire? This is a such a wonderful design that it deserves a place amidst your Hermes stash.

    luv, I wouldn't think that husband would rush out to Hermes for more goodies for this woman, would you?

    annie, many thanks for the birthday wishes!

    candace, you really understand how odd her reaction seemed to me!

    fromparis, glad you enjoyed the story!
  12. Would this count as a schmatta-to-riches story?:p
  13. Katel, yes, I promise to post a photo of this glorious shawl.

    Bijouxlady, dear and hilarious hermesgroupie gave you a big hint about what a schmatta is -- basically a rag. Now, can you imagine what her husband felt like when she expressed her appreciation with such language?
  14. :roflmfao: What a great story!

    Happy birthday, by the way! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. If she thinks Hermes is a rag...hmmm...then what brand would be suitable?