Funny story

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  1. Yesterday, after a day of sledding, my boys (9 and 11) were watching Miss Congeniality 2 on HBO. My younger son says "Hey mom get in here. This is the part where Sandra Bullock has a Chanel bag!" I was shocked but yes, she was carrying a B/W cambon tote. I said "Henry, how do you know that is Chanel?" He says "Duh!! I see the CCs on your handbags, sunglasses, shoes, wallet, and even your earrings. I knew it wasn't Coach!" I laughed so hard!!

    But now I'm a little worried: how does he know this stuff?? I don't even have any Coach?? I may have to start calling him Karl!!
  2. Oh this is GOOD! Imagine the gifts he will buy future girlfriends?! :biggrin:
  3. :P You are training them so well, mom!
  4. Aw, cute!
  5. thats cute....
    your boys are smart....
  6. Wow he will be the perfect bf/husband some day! That is really a cute story!
  7. My son wrote a story about two cats named Gucci and Chanel! Of course he also plays football, so no need to worry.
  8. :lol: cute!
  9. very cute! you taught them well!
  10. Maybe he has a girlfriend who's teaching him about Coach LOL
  11. awwwwwwwwww soooooo cute :love: they may give hints/clues to DH when getting gifts:biggrin:
  12. hehehe thats so sweet :smile:
  13. At least he knows what to get you for your birthday... that story is very cute!!
  14. That's alright. I asked my son to carry some shopping bags in for me today and he said "Mom! More Manolo Blahniks?" Pronounced perfectly. I didn't think he paid attention either.
  15. LOL :lol: that's so Cute!! You taught them well way to go!!!