Funny story....

  1. Well, as you know my BH arrived yesterday. Well, I took my BH to the Grocery store this evening and I was walking thru the aisles and I saw this girl with the LV petite bucket -FAKE, man I should of taken photos of this thing - the purse was in such horrid conditions - it was awful, the vinyl faux-leather straps were shall I say shaffing? So many cracks in the vinyl, this thing was so worn....And here I was posting questions about the patina and wondering if b/c the leather is so light would people think my BH was, walking down the asile past that purse ~ man, I know that imposter was just calling to be put to rest! HA!HA! Sad thing was the faux-leather had NO patina so it was light and shaffing! UGH!!!! Man, if I only had a camera! HA!HA! I should start doing tht taking photos of imposters, HEE! HEE!:roflmfao:
  2. Oh my-:confused1: just be thankful for your blessings.:flowers:
  3. That's one of the reason why people should not buy fake.....but I wouldn't take their pics:s
  4. I always wonder if maybe... just maybe... they don't know what they carry is a fake. Just be glad that you CAN own the real thing... I wouldn't take pictures either.
  5. this was my same thought.
  6. ohh gosh, i see bad fakes all the time! especially in school.. its horrible! The worst part is, when people deny the fact that they are fakes eeewww
  7. I see fakes all the time, and the funny thing is I could care less.:shrugs:
  8. i have to agree :yes:
  9. o wells. i wouldnt take pics of the fake bag too..

    if theres one person knowing that its fake... its bad enough
  10. Same here. I wouldn't buy fakes and I think it's wrong to do so... but it's not really my business and it's not like I can change it anyway.
  11. I wouldn't take pics but my BF does. real or not, he takes a pic on his cell. I told him one day some lady is going to swing the bag at him.
  12. ^^that's funny..

    i just casually mention to my DH or mother that another persons bag is fake and just let them be..when I had a fake (dont kill me! I didnt know they were bad 2 years ago..) i wouldnt have appreciated having someone take a pic of me just to make fun of me or my someone said, just having someone know your bag is fake is bad enough.. :smile:
  13. OMG fakes are so nasty!! LOL about your story!!
  14. Oh no, I know what you're saying. He just takes pics cause they're just bags. Any bag. Weird bags, designer bags, old bags, quirky bags.....he's gonna get whacked by one someday and will probably stop then. :yes: