funny story

  1. My friend Richard's dad put his Blackberry on top of their car (because it was 'sqawking'!) and drove off with the Blackberry on top of the car. Needless to say, it probably
    flew off and got crushed by a semi.

    We had lunch at a chinese restaurant, and Richard wanted his tea leaves read, and his mom said, "I can tell you your fortune, you'll have problems communicating today!" It was hilarious. Well, at least I thought so.
  2. haha! The other week, my friend was picking up someone from the airport. As she was loading her bags, she left her RAZR phone on the bumper. They left and were going about 70 mph on the highway when the girl starts to look for her phone. They went back to the airport and talked to security and looked on the ground and everything...well anyways it was still sitting on the bumper!
  3. lol
  4. Heavensent your inbox is full!!
  5. lol Did his mom know about the phone or she just said that?
  6. That is too funny! I have a friend who manages a wireless store and you would NOT believe the stories she hears about losing phones like that...falling in the toilet, etc. :yucky:
  7. There are seriously signs in all the stalls at my work that state please do not plush pagers/cell phones in the toliets. :roflmfao:
  8. LMAO! Newer phones now have moisture sensor pads inside so when you take them apart you can tell by the color change whether the phone has gotten wet...for any reason :throwup: . It really helps when a customer "forgets" that they dropped their phone in the toilet and are just complaining about why their phone doesn't work anymore!!
  9. So funny! =)
  10. OMG!!! :roflmfao: