Funny Story

  1. I met another Coach lover in my kickboxing class. So today while we were punching the bags her and I thought of a funny way to get out our aggression. Instead of taking it out on poor DH on the punching bags we were taking it out on fakes. LMAO!! I thought that was so funny I had to share.:lol:
  2. That is funny! And it would be a good workout since there are sooo many fakes everywhere you look.
  3. I was at Costco today and was looking around to see if I could spot any fakes. I saw two at the hot dog stand. One was a patchwork that didn't match on both sides. It had black signature fabric on one side and patchwork on the other. And the other bag was a signature bag with the C's and then the word Coach inside each C. It was really bad. Two months ago, I wouldn't have even noticed.