Funny Story on Black Friday

Dec 12, 2006
New Orleans
Okay girlies, here is a funny story from Black Friday:

This last weekend I was in Phoenix to visit some friends. We went to a place to eat in Tempe, and as we walked toward the restaurant my purse radar locked on to a BEAUtiful BBag in what looked to be the Work style from a distance. I sped up and got in line behind the cute girl to put our name on the waiting list. While drooling and oogling over her Bbag (thinking to myself that I hadn't seen that color on TPF), she turned a bit and right on the top front was the token inverted PRADA triangle!!!

EEEeek! I was lured by a fake! At that moment she looked at me and I looked at her and there's no telling how long she was looking at me staring at her purse. Because I like to be nice to people, I gave her a comment and told her that I loved her purse. She returned the comment at my Speedy 30, but I just thought that was a totally funny situation.

I don't even have a BBag (yet) but I felt like I cheated on my love of BBags for oogling over that fake. I must say though, from the thousands of BBags I've looked at on TPF minus the Prada triangle, that was a good fake.


May 27, 2006
i have been seeing a lot of fakes lately too. trust me, when you do see a real one, you will be in awe. so keep your purse radar up and you will spot a real one in no time.

Cheshire Cat

Long live McQueen
Feb 12, 2007
I saw a woman with a beautiful Bordeaux City that I was totally drooling over once... then I got a view of the square bales. I felt a little bad, but it was a BEAUTIFUL bag, and I really doubt its owner even knew it wasn't real...


Follow Your Heart...
Apr 17, 2007
Fantasy Island
One of my friends, told me that on Canal St you can choose an unlabled bag, then at point of sale they put the logo plate on of your choice! She's got a fake red city with a Bal plate on the OUTSIDE! From a distance its actually not a bad looking bag, and its even got handles long enough for wearing on the shoulder!

Not for me of course, but my friend does rock her fake proudly! I'm still trying to convert her to the authentic side...


Nov 10, 2005
thanks for sharing that story! Several days ago, I was also lured a bit by a fake mogano work...looked like the real deal from afar but now I don't remember what tipped me off...either the fact that it had a strap or something else...but it was a def. fake as i got closer to it!