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  1. It's funny but at the same time so stupid because I didn't get my bag. So my DH went to LV today and calls me up and asks "what is that new bag you were talkin about, the new one you like?" I said the scarf charm bag or whatever they'll know what i'm talkin about. So this whole time I'm hella happy thinkin he's gettin that bag. I'm speaking of the pochette of course. So I get home and ask so why did you ask me about the bag. and he goes oh I was going to get it for you and the SA calls another store to find it and tells me it's 5000 dollars, so I was like no way. and left. Okay. honey, next time, call me first and ask what kind of bag it is instead of trying to suprise me all the time. hahahaha I hope he goes back and gets me the bag. :amuse:
  2. That is to bad.
  3. Awww, he meant well. That's so cute he tried to surprise you.
  4. I'm sorry, what's funny?
  5. It's funny because he went in to get me the pochette as a suprise, which he didn't know what it was called so he just asked for the scarf charm bag and when they told him it was 5000 dollars he thought I had asked for a 5000 dollar bag. So when he came home and told me I said it was the pochette. not the ugly 5000 dollar scarf bag that someone had posted a pic of before. I find it funny, sorry if you didn't, or maybe I didn't write the story clear enough.:noworry:
  6. Is this the one you want?

    View attachment 9554

    I just found it on E-Bay. Item #6864139367
    BIN $955
  7. yes that is the one thanks for the picture. now if I can find the thread about the other scarf bag the 5000 dollar one.

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  8. I'm glad he didn't get you any bag from the charms line, I'm sorry but they're hideous. I'm really disappointed with LVs spring line.
  9. Well i really like the pochette, so I could give it to my daughter.. that is the only reason I like it. Right now the only LVs I like is the suhali line.
  10. Ha-ha. Men.
    I send my husband off with exquisitely detailed Post-It notes, otherwise there's no telling what he'd come home with.
  11. I just went to eluxury where the bag you like is much cheaper. around $600. screw e-bay.
  12. Aw so cute ! Maybe one day he'll actually come home with a 5000$ surprise though.. ;)
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