Funny story I want to share...

  1. I was at CVS yesterday standing behind a girl who was carrying a brown leather Carly.

    This is our conversation...

    ME: Hi, I like your Carly!

    Girl: Huh, what?

    ME: Your Carly. I like it.

    Girl: Oh thanks. (She turns around and swipes her debit card then turns back around to me and says in a matter of fact tone) By the way, it's a COACH (she then turns the bag toward me and points to the words Coach on the front)

    ME: I know.

    So then I kind of felt stupid because there were several people standing in line, and I know they heard the conversation. They were probably thinking I didn't know what I was talking about. :lol: I just had to laugh and think.... not everyone who carries a Coach is an addict like me.
  2. What's funny is she'll probably tell someone the story about the girl who loved her cool bag who didn't know what the heck she was talking about. Hopefully, that person will say, "No, that's the style name of the bag. It's made by Coach", and blow her cool. LOL
  3. haha... that is a funny story... well she probably didn't know enough about the style names, only that she wanted to tell you that it was COACH and be like "haha" LOL... yeah i've caught myself doing that a couple of times to, where i'm like "O, you like the Madeline?" and my friends will be like "huh?" LOL... its like forget it... nevermind... and yes I am a coach addict! :roflmfao:
  4. that's funny. i bet she'll feel more stupid when she finds out that Carly is the name of her bag. She obviously didn't know that it had its own name. I do that sometimes when i see a bag and refer it to its style name. But i don't say it to strangers just to my family or husband.
  5. That is too funny. It's hard to believe someone could pay so much for thier bag and not know what it is called (besides just the brand name). We here at tpf love our bags so much we know everything about them!
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Oh that is too funny. She sounds like she might have been a little bit of an air head. I guess everyone isn't obsessed like us. But how could she not know the bag's name? LOL

    You are right KymAnn we do love our bags here!
  8. This is a funny story! Some people just don't know their stuff like we do!
  9. haha... I hope she finds out later on... then she will feel stupid.
  10. Yea thats funny thats when u knw some ppl dont really want to knw the name of there bags the ones that knw there bags are the ones that knw what there buying
  11. I thought that story was funny! I laugh now but just a three weeks ago I didn't know what a Carly was. LMBO! I'm kinda new here. Now I do know, see how much I've learned in a short spell? :tpfrox:
  12. Cute story!

    When I showed my mom my new Madeline, I said, "oh mom, my purse is named after Maddy (my parents' dogs' name is Madeline)...and my mom goes, "ah what? You named your bag?" I was like, "":push:
  13. haahaahaa that is so funny!
  14. Proof, that she is not a real fan :busted... Band wagon!! She should at least know the name of her bag:lecture:
  15. Hahaha... that's too funny!!