Funny story I gotta share...

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  1. Tonight while driving through Oakdale, CA, I ran into my first DUI/Driver's License checkpoint (I'm from San Francisco and they wouldn't dare have a checkpoint there, traffic would be backed up for MILES!). I'm getting my driver's license out of my Coach Charm Tote and the cop at my window yells out to another cop that was interogating the car in front of me "Hey, we better watch out for this one, she's got a Coach purse!" and the second cop yells back "Are you sure it's a Coach or a Dooney & Bourke?!" I told the cop "Oh, you must be married" and he said no, he wasn't and neither was the second cop. How else would a couple of cops from nowheresville know what a Coach bag is!! Too funny!! And I gotta add, the first cop interogating me was pretty cute!! :graucho:
  2. that or they had some inside joke due to foaches seeing as how they are cops? who knows lol
  3. LOL, that IS funny.
  4. Well, when one thinks about it, they probably see a lot of bags with women looking for their wallets, so I guess they started taking note of the brands/designers. I wonder if they notice men's wallets too, LOL>
  5. Did you tell him you knew how to play "Good Cop..Bad Cop"? And that is was your favorite game? LOL :graucho: :lol:

  6. hahaha... that's hilarious. I wonder how they knew! Maybe they've confiscated a lot of fakes one.

    It must be fun to be interrogated by a good looking cop. ;)
  7. Hmmmm...maybe this was his attempt at flirting... ;)
  8. Lol that is too cute .
  9. I work those checkpoints all the time... we have some fun for sure. We talk about everything... purses and cars included!
  10. I bet you DO have fun!! These two cops looked like they were having a blast! I know if me and my girls were out there, we'd be talking and laughing about everything!! (...and I LOVE "Nobody puts Baby, er, I mean, Bunny in the corner"!!) :biggrin:
  11. lol....this is such a cute story. Thanks for sharing.
  12. That's really funny, two MALE cops knowing Coach :lol:
  13. I love that story! How funny! I love it!