funny story: higher forces kept me from buying at LV boutique

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  1. Today I was at the LV store, because I wanted to buy something small.
    I couldn't choose between the pastilles phone jewelery and the sweet monogram creoles.
    Just when I was at the point to decide............
    all the lights went out!!!!
    All the electricity in the street was gone!
    So they had to close the shop and I go back tomorrow. the pastilles looked so great with my phone and I think I rather buy creoles of real gold (because of my allergie's)
    So I will post pictures tomorrow. (if higher forces don't keep me from LV...)
  2. LOL! Maybe the highter forces want you to buy more then one thing...
    You don't want to test them!
    I say get both ;)
    Congrats when you get it though!
  3. that is a better way too see it, I thought they wanted to say I shouldn't buy something!
    but I like your idea better!!!
  4. LOL, that's funny!
  5. haha! how weird!!! I would be pissed haha
  6. Whoah, my hubby would say it is a sign from God saying no more LVs! LOL
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao: You sure are funny :roflmfao: May be higher forces want you to buy more LV items :graucho:
  8. I live a few minutes walk from the boutique so I can't worry about it, we had a really nice SA and I was with a few friends so we had a good laugh about it!
  9. Yep, I think it was a sign to buy both things.
  10. Yikes! As long as there is no lightening.
  11. That is so random, but I guess it was a sign that you need to think about what other things you want from LV! I also live about a 10-min walk from both boutiques in my city and it takes a lot of willpower not to go in there constantly!
  12. ha!