Funny story--Hermes as currency?

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  1. DH and I went to look at some paintings at auction. They were nice, but not cheap. So, DH starts asking me "Do you like it 1 Bikin? 2 Birkins, 3 birkins , 4?" I guess he has a point...I'm happy to spend on H bags, but less so on oil paintings?!?:s
  2. I love it!

    I totally speak in units of H. I used to speak in units of Louboutins ("what? that's the price of 3 pairs of very prives!!"). Now I think in terms of scarves, wallets, handbags, etc.

    Everything can be broken down into H.
  3. :angel: I was just thinking of this in regards to someone asking me about why I don't have a huge diamond (we'll just leave the tactless comment alone), and that got me thinking about DH telling me he would get me a giant anniversary ring at a certain year in our marriage. I was doing a small cost analysis of that, and decided I'd rather get an anniversary H bag :amuse: I'm not much for rings other than my wedding ring, so another ring would be a waste on me. But a dream bag? :girlsigh:
  4. I believe one of the ladies here have called it "Birkinomics"
  5. I do it all the time.
    DH: Hey honey you want to go on holiday?
    ME:Umm how much will it cost?
    DH: Umm maybe 4 how we do it.
    ME:Oh, like a Medor. No thanks I'll take the Medor instead!
  6. Birkinomics I love it!
    I'm incorporating that into my vocabulary today.
  7. When you divide the budget I work with at my job into Birkins, it puts it into a bit of perspective :biggrin:
  8. Hysterical!