Funny Story at MAC tonight

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  1. I have a silly story to share.

    I went to Nordys today to visit the MAC counter. We were being helped by a male SA and he was going to ring up my stuff. As I was standing there with my sister looking at eyeshadows, a lady SA comes walking towards us and asks, "Oh is there a little critter in there?!"

    We are both like :confused1:

    Then I see she's talking about my bag (had a fuschia perfo speedy), I just said "Uh... this is my bag." *lol I didn't know what to say* :wtf:

    She looked closer and guess saw it was really an LV bag, so she gave us this embarrassed look and walked away quickly. :shame: We were laughing so hard afterwards.

    **LOL just wanted to share.. this is officially my first weirdest encounter** :p :push:
  2. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I guess people who said it looked like a dog carrier when it first came out had a point!
  3. oh my...
  4. ya.... that's why I personally don't like the perfo
  5. That's funny! I guess the little pattern looked like air holes.
  6. lol I'm such a geek, I'm like still giggling to myself.

    My mom made a remark today too.. she wasn't born in the states so she just doesn't know about things. She goes "HUH?! You know there are holes in your bag right? I hope you got a discount!" LMAO!!
  7. HAhaha I'm sure you're not the first perforated speedy owner that receieve that type of comment.

  8. :roflmfao: that's funny!
  9. Lol...I never thought of that...but with the holes, I guess that makes sense.
  10. What a funny story...Is there a critter in there..:nuts:
  11. OMG that is so funny!
  12. BTW, did they make the perfo speedy in a 25 or just a 30??
  13. Sorry to say, I thought it was a pet carrier initially... :shame:
  14. Haha..that's funny.
  15. Only the 30 :yes: