funny story at LV with my MJ stam

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  1. i wore my chocolate patchwork stam to holt renfrew (like a nordie's with different designers) with my fiancee who was buying my valentine's present (LV damier speedy 30) and placed my bag on one of the glass LV counters. a lady looking at the LV section in that counter started ooohhing at my purse and said she wanted it. the SA pointed at the MJ section saying it was over there but all LV is over here and she could only show her LV. i thought that was so cute. I told her the name so she could look at it after.
  2. that is a cute story. i wonder if she found the bag afterwards and purchased it. my mother had a similar thing happen to her. we were in the gucci store while she was trying on the signoria totes. she had placed her chanel cerf on the countertop. meanwhile, another mother and daughter duo picked up her chanel and started gushing over it. they asked the sa if it came in black and if he could bring it out, so they could try it on. the sa looked really confused. i interjected and let them know that it was my mother's chanel bag and that it did indeed come in black. they laughed and were embarrassed, but it was funny moment.
  3. ^^Sound like your Mom has great taste! Now we know you inherited it!!:yes: