funny story about speedy perfo

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    I took my LV Perforated Speedy mall-walking this weekend and got a lot of notably mixed reactions. Although the bag was released on February 20, there has been a waitlist for months so most stores don't have the bag on display, hence not many people have seen one in person. One doubtful lady asked me "Uhmm-uhh-is that-uhh-new or something?" I could tell right away she thought either (1) it was fake or (2) I had too much time on my hands and hole-punched my monogram canvas speedy myself. The funniest question I got today was from the usher at the exhibit in Santa Monica, "Are you hiding a dog in there? Because there are no pets allowed." Perforated-holes-dog-get it? :smile:
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  2. Haha that is a funny story. I havent had any reactions that I noticed when I took out thr perfo Musette. I'd love to have the speedy but im too small :sad:

    Congrats on your bag You have to think if silly snippy comments back when they say stuff :smile: for kicks!
  3. Tha bag does look like a dog carrier sometimes, but it's still a cute bag!
  4. hahaha! i go to her blog often, it's my daily shopping fix
  5. I've totally heard the dog carrier comment before. I didn't really understand it at first, but I guess people just don't understand perforation as pure decoration. I flipped out for the perfo line. Love it love it.
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. hahaha...that's sooo too! I :heart: closettherapy's blog :P
  9. my bf told me the same dog bag comment when i looked at it in LV! he said if i used my pursebrite in there, the whole bag would light up if i turn the light on! hahaha
  10. Hmmm... the LV store by me is over loaded with the perfo line. I really havent seen anyone buying them though. They must not be that popular where I am located.

    Anyways... great story! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  11. ^^^ Same here! It IS a funny story though.:lol: I was talking to my SA and told her that I was thinking of adding a perfo one to my speedy collection and she talked me out of it because we both said at the same time that it looks like a pet carrier.:shocked::lol:
  12. You have just been turning down bags left and right! Irene, do we need to have a "talk"? :lol:
  13. And almost the same price as one :smile:
  14. LMAO!!!:lol: I know!:shocked: I must be coming down with something!!!:cry: :lol:
  15. wow funny story!