Funny Story About My Trip To Macy's

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  1. So I went into Macy's to check out the 40% off merch - specifically Coach. I'm looking on the table, and this woman walks up and starts looking at a platinum Carly. She says to nobody in particular, but sort of to me to start conversation, "Only $200." I look at what she's holding, and I say, well it's normally about 400. She looks at the sign that says 40% off, and then says - "So is it 40% off the marked price?" and I reply "No" - It's quiet for a moment between the two of us. Then I ask "Do you normally carry Coach?" (because she wasn't wearing one at the moment.) She says "No, but all my gal friends do, and I just don't see what it's all about. I mean, I have two copies and I get compliments on them all the time." I just nod at this point. Then she continues "At least I have money to put IN my purses" (insinuating that all her friends buy Coach and are broke...which I'm sure she really has no idea what the state of their bank accounts are) I kinda giggled a little because otherwise I would have said something rude. But I was also a bit taken aback. Then she keeps picks up a patchwork Carly, admiring it and says..."It's pretty, and nice but...." I kinda wandered away after that. I didn't see anything I had to have anyhow.
  2. wow, some people. i have had a fake in the past and i must say there is nothing like that feeling of carrying a real coach, or any designer. idk how to describe the feeling but i picked up a fake bag from my closet the other day and put it on my shoulder and i felt so idk weird and cheap but once i put on my real coach i felt normal again. idk if any of this makes sense but im sure you ladies will understand it
  3. I agree. Nothing is better than the real thing and IMO I'd be embarrased to be carrying around a fake.
  4. Even if the money could be spent on something else, carrying fake bags just isn't comparable to the real ones. I believe I got into Coach when someone let me borrow a replica they had, and when I learned that it was fake and there was a real version, I immediately got into the real stuff.
    I don't think it even matters if the whole world thinks that the real bag is a fake, is a waste of money, or whatever excuse they could have for basically being jealous, having real Coach feels like a million bucks.
    Besides, even if her friend's bank accounts are in bad shape, that's none of her business... :P Plus, why is she looking at Coach and contemplating to buy something if she hates them so much? :shrugs:
  5. The statement that says " no money to put on the purse" has been told to me. I am sorry if buying a 200+purse would make some people broke but I hate that they assume that everyone is like that. I hate that. I have money to put in to it. When I do not then I do not buy it.
  6. Good for you for biting your tongue!
    That's self control.
    Now go reward yourself with something Coach! ;)
  7. People these days! I have had a few fake bags but just knowing your walking around with the real deal is just better! after getting my first real one i never went back
    its truly an addiction!
  8. who carries cash?:supacool: is that credit or debit? . . .
  9. Hehe. True. So true for me. I'm always glad I don't carry cash so when people outside of stores want me to donate/buy something I can honestly say "Sorry, I don't carry cash"
  10. what an enabler! hehe :tup:
  11. Oh please! Why carry a "fake" so you can pretend like it's "real" if the "real" one is soooo terrible? She was probably just mad because SHE can't afford a real one.

    Oh well, too bad so sad. *looks lovingly at my brown Ergo Flap*
  12. HA! What a fruitcake! LOL! I have had friends buy fakes, but knowing the processs of how a fake gets here and who profits is beyond disheartening...I only buy the real deal baby! You don't have to be rolling in dough to own a coach...I'm a single mom...I just wish I could collect like you ladies do! I turn around and sell them to help fund my next one! :smile: i'm hitting macy's. damn.....
  13. I have a friend at work who is like that. She can't believe that I spend so much money on purses. Yet she is constantly remodeling her house or buying very large and gorgeous diamonds. We just choose to spend our money in different ways.