Funny story about my Chanel & Aldo..

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  1. This happened a few weeks ago, after a trip into NYC with a friend of mine. We stopped at the local mall and she wanted to go into Aldo to see what new accessories they had. She'd actually been wanting a bag similar to my E/W flap, which I was wearing that day, b/c it was small and portable, instead of big & bulky that hurt her shoulder.

    After a few mins, we looked around the store, and we saw that Aldo had a total copy of the flap, both in the jumbo size & the M/L version. My friend picked up the M/L copy and started contemplating it. She liked the style b/c she could wear it cross body or on her shoulder, and it was small enough to fit everything she needed. The sales girl comes up to us and chats us up about the bag...mostly about how it was on sale for 20% off. Then, she looks at my bag, and goes, "And, it's exactly like YOUR bag!"

    My friend tells her that she'll take the bag, and the sales girl runs to the back to get a new one out. Once we were out of the store, I ask her, "Think she knew mine was real?" And my friend laughed, saying probably not.

    Gotta say, that gave me a good laugh. :lol

    The "REAL" Chanel bag..a la Aldo
  2. I don't think she knew or cared it was a Chanel to begin with. Not many people recognize Chanel bags, especially ones without CC logo. Even in NYC, the only people I've come across commenting or give certain "looks" over my bags were ladies who shop at Chanel. (most of them carrying one themselves at the moment)

    Oh, and SAs from BG, Saks and of course Chanel boutiques. LOL.
  3. Very true seldom I get compliments of my Chanel purses whenever I use mine. Only my friends and people in high end malls notices it.
  4. OMG! That aldo flap is a plain rip-off lol
    And no, I don't think she knew it was a real Chanel,
    not many care or know the difference like minatol said.
    I don't usually go to Aldo, if I do it will be for shoes!

    Thank you for sharing hun :biggrin:
  5. ahhaha.. thxs ofr sharing.
  6. Yes, a while ago my sister and I were in Aldo and they had knock-off Balenciaga bags for sale. I was horrified when the SA looked at my Balenciaga and asked if I bought it there. :wtf: Too hilarious....
  7. Don't you just wanna bite those SA when they say that? lol
  8. Yes girl, I wanted to smack her. :lolots:
  9. LOL C :bagslap: Should have giving her a bag slap.
  10. Any quilted handbag is always associated with Chanel. Shops like Topshop and Primark make copies too.

    It's kindof like spotting a fake...
  11. I saw a flap that was a blatant copy of a Chanel bag at Aldo a few weeks ago. I picked it up and showed my bf and said "this is hideous" .... my bf goes "wow, that's the best copy I've seen yet" and we walked out. :lecture:
  12. ^The smiley you used make me laugh!
  13. Lol.
  14. Aldo sell great weather proof spray but I don't think I could bring myself to carry an Aldo bag.

    Chanel's quilting is not copyrightable - as she copied it from horse racing riding wear.

    Let's not mock the poor SA - she made a sale after all

    I'd love a Mad lock bag for the very reason that it would 'pass under the radar'.
  15. Yea, there are so many copycats such as delyle and it is very popular in Japan. So sad, they exist in everywhere and as Chanel lovers, how could we avoid them?