Funny story about eCrater- well not so funny that GoogleCheckout lists contact info


Looking for LVOE
Yesterday I got a call on my cell phone stating that a person had a question about an item I had for sale on my website and left a phone number.

I ignored it, thinking it was a mistake.

Then today I get a message through eCrater that a person is asking about a bag I have listed there (wanting to know if it really is brand new and authentic). I replied. Then I looked at their signature (has their full name, business, location, and #) and I realize that is the same number that called me yesterday. So I call her.

She thought I was a business. I explained about eCrater and Bonanzle as potential eBay alternatives. Commented that since the purse or eCrater wasn't mentioned yesterday I thought it was a joke or a mistake and ignored the call. She stated when she clicked Buy it now that my phone number and address were listed.

I went to eCrater and couldn't find this information (they had my old number). Then I went through the checkout process and realized that Google Checkout (I didn't remember to remove it as a payment method) was giving out this information. I went to my GC account (which I still haven't closed) and modified the information. I don't want anyone to have my cell number AND unless they have actually completed the purchase I don't want anyone to see my address.

So, FYI- even if someone hasn't bought an item from you GC still shows them all that contact information.

She seemed really interested in the bag so hopefully it pans out.

BTW- she found it by Googling the name of the bag.

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
WOW.. this would not make me happy. Handing out a cellphone # is scary, handing out your address to everyone on the internet is DANGEROUS. Stupid move, GC.


Looking for LVOE
Yeah, the fact that it displays before purchase is scary. I know people have your address when you mail them the package and on eBay anyone that you are in a transaction with can request the information, but just to give it up freely was horrible. I now have my selling name as my name, my street only as my address, and no number listed.