funny story about black box kelly

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  1. Hi all!

    Just wanted to share this funny incident that happened to me last week...

    I recently took the plunge and bought a pre-owned 35cm black box Kelly. After agonizing about whether it would be appropriate to carry an H bag to work (I don't think anyone in the company carries one; my colleagues would probably think I was insane), I decided to bring it anyway (reasoning that life is short, it makes me happy, etc.).

    I only showed the Kelly to my friend and colleague J., who understands (and shares) my bag addiction. That evening, when I told her I was heading home, she said she wanted to go out with me, since she wanted to accompany "Kelly". J. was toting a large native bag made of straw weave in Indonesian style.

    On our way out, we ran into officemate "IC" in the corridor. As IC passed us, she pointed at J.'s bag and said, "nice bag!". J. and I looked at each other wide-eyed and open-mouthed, and starting laughing. We were laughing all the way to the elevator...

    I guess this means I needn't worry about bringing my H bags to work!:roflmfao:
  2. Great story, Laralamb!!!!! Sometimes the Kelly slides under the that about it!
  3. LOL!!!
    I'm so glad you can carry Kelly to work. She's too pretty to leave at home!
  4. LOL - that was definitely a story only another H lover would appreciate.

    Nice to know you can carry her to work guilt-free.:smile:
  5. great story!!!!!
  6. A friend told me the back view of the Kelly could be mistaken for -a Ferragamo. I know Ferragamo really does have a Kelly-shaped handbag, too...
  7. Too Funny!
  8. ^^^That's too funny!! GREAT STORY!!:nuts: Enjoy your bag ALL the time!:heart:

    I had one person say "NICE" bag to my Evelyne and asked if it was "COACH?"

    and another person say "I love your bag" and say "KATE?"....didn't know what this friend was talking about until everyone else was teasing her and said "NO, it's HERMES"...and I found out she meant Kate Spade:smile: (People teasing her was her sister and good she wasn't embarrassed, but this is her standing JOKE with me now)
  9. My best friend calls my Birkins "Birkenstock bags".
    (This stylish group may not even know what Birkenstocks are.)
  10. NHL, glad it's not just me... =) Hmm, but come to think of it, they did notice YOUR bag!

    golconda, oh no, not "Birkenstocks" in the same breath!!!
  11. NHL, someone asked if my Evelyne was a Coach bag too. :P
  12. ^^^Yes, I wore it backwards and she saw it, and she commented on it, but I just told her NO and she persisted in asking so I told her Hermes. Then she said it looked like the horse saddle bags that the older coaches were made of , and I just said YES. Didn't know what else to say? It's okay, I still love EVELYNE all the same....You WERE and still ARE my EVELYNE INSPIRATION!! The scarves are really FUN!! ;)
  13. Awwww :shame: you are so sweet!
    I told the lady it was Hermes and showed her the "H" side and she said "oooooh"... :drool: . :smile:
  14. I can think of at least one member who knows very well what you mean! :yes: Where are you, Shopmom???
  15. Hehehehehe! Here I am and I got a good chuckle on that one, Ms. Twilly......YUP! Birkinstocks are pretty much a staple in footwear over here...............LOL!!!
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