Funny Story about antra city...

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  1. I have been taking some classes lately at a not so stylish or upscale place. One of the instructors, liked my white GH city. She liked it so much, she asked where to buy it and then realized it was at Saks, so she changed her mind about getting one. Anyway, I have been wearing my antracite GH city lately and the same instructor asked me how I could afford so many colors in that bag. I was puzzled, since I've only worn my antra and white there. Anyway, she continued saying that she saw me wearing dark green, black, and now navy all in last 2 weeks. I then realized that she thought the antra was different colors each time because of it's chameleon quality. Crazy...
  2. that is funny! very cool! I love this color!!!
  3. *LOL*....that so funny and i love it~~
  4. Your story perfectly illustrates the versatility of the bag. I love anthracite!
  5. How funny! Well, that just goes to show you you can wear this bag with about anything! Good color choice!
  6. Excellent. That's how we can save money on bbags. Just buy one that turns 3 different colors, and you have 3 different bags! Presto chango. Love it!
  7. 3 bags in one! that's brilliant!
  8. OMG that is too funny! she must think you're a rockefeller! what a great bag story - anthra is the perfect chameleon :P
  9. This is making me more excited about getting my Anthraday tomorrow:yahoo:
  10. Alright, now I'm dying to go home and see if my Anthrcity has been delivered yet! I can't wait for it!
  11. Same thing happens to me too! I have an anthra first and my mother asked me why it changes color everytime she sees me :P My boyfriend sees my anthra all the time but yesterday he told me it has grown lighter over the last two weeks.:roflmfao:
  12. That's why I love my anthrapart-time
  13. Oh that made me laugh, I love the anthracite!
  14. Marie, you're the first person I've read here who has been successful in getting an AnthraDay! Where'd you get it? I'm on a waiting list at BalNY - did they finaly get some in????

    Oh - and it is really great how Anthracite works as different colors. It's the most amazing color and really shows the brilliance of the Balenciaga approach to leather, dyeing and color.
  15. Melisande I'm getting a giant Anthraday, I too was on the wait list for a anthraday with RH, but they are not going to be getting any in! and I am beginning to wonder if they were even made!:cursing: I really wanted one, but I'm sure I will be just as happy with the giant day, I'm just dying to get my hands on one. BTW they still have some giant days in stock at BALNY if you want one.