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  1. Heard a funny story I had to share. I finally worked up enough nerve to compliment a woman on her Birkin collection. I see her at the gym with a beautiful Blue Jean all the time, and she joined my spinning class the other day with a beige (not sure which) one. So at the end of class I told her how much I loved her bag, and her blue one as well. She said just the other day an older woman stopped her in the grocery store to tell her that her husband had bought her a Kelly for a wedding present, and at the time it was only $250! And the poor thing is sitting on the shelf in her closet. She said she never carries it!
  2. Hey, you can make her an offer for $500! ;)
  3. Wow, now thats an investment!!
  4. wow, I would love to know how many years ago that was. What a great story!
  5. I am sure there are more of those stories out there.
  6. Wow! That's so amazing.
    Then again, if it was a long enough time ago, $250 was the equivalent of $5K-$6K, I guess.
  7. Great story!!
  8. :p I wish I was that lady's favorite granddaughter!
  9. Wouldn't it be just SO wonderful to see a brand new pristine Kelly from say . . .50 years ago? . . .Wow . . . in my dreams. . .
  10. I know! I'm sure she has no idea how much she could fetch for a pristine vintage Kelly. I think she said they were honeymooning in Paris and he bought it for her. How romantic! And what a wise investment!
  11. Great story, and it DOES say H is a great investment. Yes $250 was surely a great deal of money then as well, but I am assuming it was no more than 60-70 years ago (well the lady's still alive and talking). The purchase power of the dollar has certainly not gone down 25-30 folds since then. In fact the official numbers used for adjusting inflation for the 70-year-period from 1937-2007 is 14-15 times.
  12. OMG! I wish she would use it!
  13. That's what I was thinking! If she were my Mom or my grandma I would insist. Life's too short to let beautiful things languish. We all need beauty and luxury in our lives!
  14. That is such a sweet story. I'm sure the lady has no idea how valuable her Kelly is now.
  15. I would love to see it :love:. Can you imagine......:girlsigh:

    Vintage items are my weakness.
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